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37 MU Legend Tips for Beginner

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if you are a beginner to play mu legend you can read this information, there are 37 hot tips for mu legend, and if you have other problem you can chat with us, welcome to mu2zen


37 MU Legend Tips for Beginner


1. Luck of construction Epic mob disappears after time after finding only golden goblins, marble goblins, magic powder fairy double golden goblins
2. The extent to which a cube can be reached is known at reopening costs
3. There are currently two sets for each occupation
4. PC users can use the Plague + Platinum Plus to go to the Tower and the Blood Castle three times a day ( susio, lind)
5. Soul level leveling is the fastest of the Rupa's labyrinth
6. The dancing pattern of the Fabrice garden bosom is not solved by the purification of the dark rods.
7. The aura effect of various monsters is maintained for 1 second even if the auric mob disappears or the mob is taken out of range
8. If you do not have enough marble, you should run out of the number of times of construction,
9. There is not a 1.5-fold buff in the middle of the construction gap even if the area rushes.
10. The Dark Road is cute
10. Vulcan's gaze of the artifact (sunrise) is a red bead, and the buff effect lasts for +500 seconds + 200% ATK
11. If Platinum Plus or Fleet is a user, it is best to go to the first day of the last day of the last day After replacing the characteristics on the first day before inoculation, after clearing the second plate, after connecting the second day, clearing the second edition
12. Zen is not increased more than the amount of increase in the amount of acquisition. There is a stat amount of stones obtained.
13. If the tempo setting is similar (including artifacts and jewelry) but the difference in attack power is large, it is the difference of the pets Make sure you do not open all of your pet mates.
14. Kaizel's damage-sharing chain is cut off if it goes beyond a certain distance
15. Artifacts - Patience is hard to build 10 stacks It's harder to keep
16. If you do not see your wings, you can not see them, but when someone else sees them, they are flapping hard
17. The increase in myths and sets is stronger
18. Ranking of each dungeon, tower, etc. When you view the information of the user, the system setting and skill are the skill and the system setting currently used by the person Please note that the skill tree and system settings that you cleared the dungeon may be different.
19. From Platinum you can press the F2 key momentarily
20. Marshmallow mine, Fabrice gardens, secrets of Laurie Clear Cube can only be opened with Red Zen I do not want to open up any further mistakes that Red Jen would have expected
21. If you put two same weapons, you search with one hand weapon, and if you attach weapons such as shields and spells, you must search with your main weapon
22. Dungeons with boss dropping cube will drop two cube at random from 3 2 level and 2 at random in level 5 ( Fly, red light)
23. The mysterious mine, Fabrice garden, and Laurie's secret treasury are brought into the room of the task at the resurrection of the base ( fly,
24. Blood Castle is harder to clear when you go to 5-player
25. The difference between the red and blue plates is the sign of the avoiding house.
26. The forward deflection of the bosses is struck in a narrower range than the actual motion
27. Monsters with monsters have hook-like effects that attract the user, but these hooks can be avoided
28. The remains of artifacts can be cracked with debris
29. Wing Costumes and Costumes Costume has an attack power.
30. The recovery potion and the period of Na-tum are cool
31. You can change the appearance of the equipment from the appearance changer. If you do not like the costume costume or if you do not like it,
32. Polystal: Ruffa's study item has a dungeon difficulty for each grade, and the legendary fairy- The last boss comes out with a rupee.
33. If you want to do your wing up a little bit faster, do 33 pvp and get a seal of power with the proof of your fighting.
34. The stealth passes to the elite general mob, but nothing to the boss. The boss's eyes are infrared.
35. Summon Pet + Peer Pet has an additional% stamina bonus depending on the combat power
36. The sculptures of the bosom soul of the mythical dungeon and the sculpture of the bosom of the general dungeon are other items There is currently no system available to create a mythical dungeon boscop soul fragment (many other soul fragments exist)
37. Buff type summoning hold-type skill, skill knocking coins and go to eat rice to complete the technical skills

Correct usage of Mu legend stamps

Many people do not seem to know.Write down how to use the stamps correctly.Once, there are three types of stamps.first unstable engraving,The second is a blue engraving,The last is a red engraved book

MU Legend War Mage Recommended Skill Tree and Boss pattern

As much as 200 revived stones, We would like to inform you of the know-how accumulated through further drilling from the 42nd floor to the 100th floor.In the labyrinth room, regardless of the boss,It could be a yellow laser, an ice crescent, a clock, or a strange green.


MU Legend features and system renewal

MU Legend has released its first new character, EmphiSizer, on its update today (August 10). In addition, we have made major patches, such as renewing new fundamental dungeons and systems.


MU Legend Whisperer operation magnetic field of pain

use three kinds of skill to absorb / decelerate / wide.Absorption is used for the utility & passive to collect mobs, Width is used for basic passive (8% speed) rather than buff Lastly, slowing is not really necessary for passive (it increases by 2 points of defense but it is up to 5 nesting).The magnetic field is more of a mob than it is to write, so if you spend it with trees, you can get a better deal than you think.


Interviews for Mu legend fans interest questions in OTB

To be able to get much more information and for further investigation, it truly is temporarely not possible to register a new item within the auction house. mu2zen ask these queries type mu legend and list for mu legend fans


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