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A large number of Mu legend Magic Gems And Zen is usually found at Magic Gem Mines

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This can be an ancient Magic Gem mine which has existed for a large number of years. A large quantity of Mu legend Magic Gems can be identified Magic Gem Mines.Now MU2ZEN shares with you The Magic Gem Mines. MU2ZEN as a professional Mu Legend zen internet site, supplies protected, rapidly and low-cost Mu legend Magic Gem for you. Rates get started at Andriod,ios,Pc. With more than 10 years of excellence, we have served thousands of shoppers. When you are hesitating where to buy Mu legend products, MU2ZEN is going to be a good selection.

1) You'll be able to set the difficulty amount of the dungeon prior to entering.
two) Monsters' HP as well as the quantity of Zen/Gems that you could get will modify based on the difficulty level.
3) This shows the number of occasions you'll be able to enter the Warped Magic Gem Mine as well as the minimum level essential for entry.
- Minimum Level for the Warped Magic Gem Mine: Lv. 35
- Entry Count for the Warped Magic Gem Mine: As soon as per day (your entry count is reset daily at five a.m.)

You are going to see green, glittering crystals in specific places of the map after you enter the mine.
These crystals is often destroyed, and they'll drop Mu legend Magic Gems when you do so.

Any time you enter the Warped Magic Gem Mine, you may see your Trenta Energy gauge towards the right; this can fill up as you defeat monsters.

As soon as your Trenta Energy is at maximum, you could activate the Trenta (portal golem) within the center on the map.

A portal is going to be generated once you activate the Trenta, and you can proceed for the boss through that portal.

When you enter the boss' lair, Magic-Gem-poisoned Venti seems.
Keep in mind to prevent recieving heavy harm by standing nearby Green Pilars when Venti cast "Poison Mist".
Just after defeating Venti, you'll have completed the Warped Magic Gem Mine and will get a enormous quantity of Magic Gems.

Luery's Secret Vault is The best place to quickly get a large amount of Mu Legend Zen

Mu legend Zen is a basic currency in MU Legend that can be used in the shop or to craft items. You can get plenty of it in Luery's Secret Vault. This vault is the hiding place of Luery's massive fortune, and you can obtain a lot of Zen here as well as many mu legend items.

Mu legend Litenberg Qwyinan Village and Sanguine Highlands Map,Map Icons

The Sanguine Highlands, as the name suggests, are mentioned to possess when been tainted with the blood of numerous warriors.Qwyinan, the village of the Dracans, is currently in danger of being overrun by dragons and mutated monsters closing in from surrounding areas

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MU Legend Dungeons System Guides

As you play via the game, you are going to encounter plenty of different types of dungeons, each and every serving a unique objective in MU Legend. You are going to come across Typical Dungeons, the basic dungeons which are cleared through the course of quests, as you level up and advance via the story.


MU Legend features and system renewal

MU Legend has released its first new character, EmphiSizer, on its update today (August 10). In addition, we have made major patches, such as renewing new fundamental dungeons and systems.


MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017

In Mu Legend website get a news MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017, when NA,EU Mu legend fans can player this game and if you need mu legend zen you can go our


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Character customization was a bit meh. The intro game play and character was kind of cool. In the land of ARPG's, I'm hoping this one can stand out from the rest. We already had 3 this year come and fall.

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