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Blader | the crazy fighters of Mu Legend and destroys the enemy

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A blader who can experience a fierce battlefield vigorously is a representative warrior of Mu Legend who rushes to the enemy base with fast maneuvers and destroys the camp. He was blinded by anger and pursued power, and he was able to play a role from near dealer to tanker.

If you are experiencing the thrill of battle, especially in a location close to the enemy's breath, or if you want an invigorating battle, a blader would be a good fit. A blader that uses a single-handed sword as a twin, wielding the battlefield as a powerful weapon that wields a double-handed weapon, can be used by anyone thanks to its smooth performance anywhere.

■ Blader shows fast dash and powerful melee attacks

Blair, who bravely dares to destroy enemy camps and cause confusion, is a fighter who does not fear even if many enemies are blocking him. The power that pours out of a large mass is enough to attract people, and it is the blender that best suits nuclear and slush, which has to defeat many enemies like fallen leaves. 

He is a belligerent proponent of blood and madness, and he has a powerful assault- type technology to penetrate the battlefield with its excellent maneuverability . Therefor , it occupies a representative dealer position with high attack power among the characters of Mew Legend , and it can be operated generally from single player to party, dungeon attack and field.


In addition, it has a variety of crowd control techniques, so if you use it well, you can fight stable against a large number of enemies. The ability to defeat and defeat enemies using technology linkage, backed up by solid defense and attack recovery , makes it possible for a tanker to perform in front of the party.

Blake was handed weapon, sword and Two-Handed Sword can be used for both types. Therefore, you can choose a weapon according to the user's preference. At this time, it can be used as a dual weapon in black hands with fast attack speed.

On the other hand, the Greatsword is a slow but boasts a strong herbal range from a wide range and high attack power. In addition, one-handed gem-twin weapons can help you survive by absorbing vitality through weapon skills with specialization effects, and the Great Sword offers higher damage due to increased attack power in weapon technology.

■ Skill information, to restore life, increase attack power

'Cutting' is a technique of crossing the sword of both hands and cutting the front side in the transverse direction. And 'Punching Through' shows an enemy striking motion, which is characterized by more damage to the opponent for each third strike. On the other hand, 'Driving' shows high damage to surrounding enemies in the fourth strike. 

Also, 'Blood Loot' is a representative skill that increases the survival rate of the Great Sword Blader in the mullet hunting by a wide range of attack range and vitality absorption option. It is important to increase the attack power because the higher the damage, the more vitality that is restored. In addition, 'sweeping' has a very high damage in the third blow, 'crushing'


The blader is atypical wide-area skill, such asa ' pushing' that causes a range damage in front,and a 'whirlwind' thatrapidly revolves and attacks the surroundingarea. In particular, 'whirlwind' is a charging skill that continues to be played while a mouse is pressed, and you can see the additional effect of increasing the speed of movement while casting.

The most representative of the dashing skills that can be moved quickly during combat is the "jump break" . This skill has the advantage that the blader can jump beyond the enemy in the way that it inflicts damage while landing after the jump. And 'Dungeon' is an assault on the designated place, but because it stuns the enemy, it exerts the effect of one stone.

'Blow' moves a short distance compared to other mobile skills, so it is not efficient, but has the characteristic to attack by consuming vitality for fun. The more life you have, the more likely it will be transformed into a stronger attack, since you will be able to inflict as much damage as the life you consume. 


The most common types of buffs and debuffs include 'Roar of Threats' that can damage nearby enemies and reduce their attack power, and 'Rushing Shout' which increases attack speed of friendly forces and fears less . 'Salvation' makes it possible to avoid all attacks for a short period of time, so that it can escape the crisis.

In addition to increasing their attack power and create a protective layer that absorbs damage 'association readiness' is also a great buff skills, which temporarily raised the damage and attack speed of weapons technology "focused bang" can also be found.

Professional skillscan be selected from three options: 'Robust', 'Fear', 'Breakout', 'Runaway', 'Melee', and 'Breakthrough' . First, 'Toughness' has a 'steel armor' that reduces all damage and restores life for a certain amount of time,and a passive that increases avoidance and life.


And 'Fear' can use 'Shout of Anger' , whichincreases the damage when the life is below 50% and causes the enemy to shout and panic. At this point, the enemies receive 50% additional damage, which allows a stronger attack linkage in a short period of time.

Ifyou select 'Breakout' , which overwhelm enemies by transforming the terrain, you may get an effect that increases the attack power if you have more than five enemies nearby. In addition, as the land in front of the ground rises in sequence, ituses the gravitational refraction, which causes great damage to the target within the range, and the hit enemy falls into the air and falls, causing additional damage.

'Runaway' is a weapon technique that increases the attack rate every time you attack your opponent, helping you to make a quick battle. In addition , you can use the 'anger reflux' , which increases the size of the character temporarily and increases the maximum life by raising the power of anger.


Finally, 'Breakthrough' is a great help for dungeon exploration because it increases the speed of movement when using 'Breakthrough Break' and 'Dash'. The 'Endless Dash' skill has a 50% reduction in cooldown for 'Dash' and 'Dash' for 7 seconds, making it possible to move faster than ever before.

So if you want to experience a stronger character and want to have powerful power, then you can choose blader and wish you a good time.

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