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Bokekik MU Legend users who are uncomfortable to the belly button

Mu2zen Date: Aug/24/17 22:28:53 Views: 505

I am a user who is raising Amper from the time Emper is out while wandering for a while not wandering.

Bokekik MU Legend users who are uncomfortable to the belly button

Do you know if this is the beginning?
1. Kerik was very difficult to play Main Mission Quest for 24 hours in the process of raising.

The main branch of the météationque general quest (where the mob level is high, or the lot is regent) is always noble. At level 60, Kerik has a soul rep level of about 50, and he has a high level of soul rep,It is really powerful. Some users start to speak through the shout channel
2. The user who is in front of the broadcasting station is broadcasting in Africa.

A knight who reports by accident reports to the head of the knight while listening to the broadcast, and the incident becomes bigger.
3. Server consolidation and server environments have not been changed.

Aka the rural server has a small number of users, so it was not a big problem However, as the servers are integrated, the channels are limited and people are busy,Users who raise Amphoricic will interfere with the quest.I know it's obviously an unusual play and it hurts others, but there's nothing wrong with the server before it's integrated.Continue to play abnormally without recognizing the mistake after integration
That is ~ !! I think that it is not the wrong thing to do the continuing act,
Continuous abnormal play If there is a wrong part, I admit the mistake and damage it to others. Conflicting opinions with shout window !!
4. Bukerik and 1st level media players ~ !!
If you are legitimate or have been infringed upon your rights, you should set your account or representative's character Please correct your claim. Level 1 I do not think I should play press on the bulletin board with RebecKick.
If you are honorable, why can not you write with this account?
Your account. We hope that you will be able to protest or protest yourself with a Bonkeriq account that is not 1 level Kerik.
At what age is era, do you feel uncomfortable with Bukerik?
The NIS also commented that it is a world that has been turned upside down because of the operation of the unit.
If you do not have a mistake and you want to ~

I thank you for reading it and I respect each other in the free board and in the game. If you did it wrong, you can apologize for it and if you do not do it in the future,

Blader | the crazy fighters of Mu Legend and destroys the enemy

A blader who can experience a fierce battlefield vigorously is a representative warrior of Mu Legend who rushes to the enemy base with fast maneuvers and destroys the camp. He was blinded by anger and pursued power, and he was able to play a role from near dealer to tanker.

War Mage | the Mu Legend powerful destroyer of battlefield

The War Mage's destroyer is a powerful and colorful magic that catches the eye of the user, while the defensive performance is relatively low. It is possible to make various changes to cope with various situations, but it is difficult to manipulate among the Mu Legend characters.


Whisperer | a powerful remote attacker

Whisperer, the only female character and a powerful remote dealer, has the fastest movement and attack speed in the Mu Legend. Therefore, if the attack is excellent and the defense is weak but the distance is maintained, stable hunting is possible.


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The War Mage's magic attacks will be the most elaborate out of all of the classes, and his magic powers can destroy enemies in a wide location.He might be applied as a ranged damage dealer or as a melee harm dealer, moving quick like an assassin working with a sword imbued with mana


Mu legend War Mage Guides and Tips for Beginners

Nevertheless, it cannot get them all, just aim for Atk), the ancient necklace with mp cost reduction prefix and chaser ring which has 20% beast dmg (great for epic dungeons) attempt to get cdr and ATK as solutions also. You must put +atk imprints on every single item, and beast gems (except sword and shoulders which have other stones)


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