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Daily Dungeon Quest to farming Mu legend zen

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ESC Press the Mu legend Daily Quest on the left top bar to go through the mythical dungeon and collect Duukan's evidence. Now, there is only a set item helmet and glove, but afterwards it is patched with general myth system or unique option myth.If you have set items, keep them together and buy them all at once after the patch.A list of cubes to consume consecutively - except for this one, it is only one.



1. Luca's brilliant cube - consumes 300,000 zen and can be installed in two. The current settled system and the unique opponent system are falling well, and the artifact production items are given with a high probability.

2. Luca's dazzling cubes - can consume 300,000 of them, and can be played in two. It is more likely to acquire advanced items than a brilliant cube, Let's make it three times as necessary.

3. Kaizel, Targashcube - 300,000 zen is consumed. The explanation is omitted.

4. Cube of construction - It can be rolled up to 2 times in 100,000 mu legend zen. Drop list includes expensive jewelry, brilliant stone, jewel of blessing etc. A 30-minute legendary dragon, and at least a 150,000-plus noble, and a piece of soul that later becomes the material of "legendary jewel".

5. Cube of luminous construction - It can be laid twice with 150,000 mu legend zen and gives 2 ~ 3 times more goods than construction cube.


6. Goblin's Cube - It can hold 2 goblets with 100,000 gens, gives Goblin's Soul Sculpture, Rupe's study, and Spirit Stone.


Daily Dungeon Quest to farming Mu legend zen


- Outside - Red Zen consumption list

If you have a lot of Red Jen

Fabre's Cube - You can draw evolving stones and pets at little cost. The pet comes out up to three castles, and it is profitable to move only the pet, the stone of evolution, the piece of destruction.

Marble Cube - If there is not enough marine stone, it is better to put it in succession. There are a minimum of 1000 orbits and a maximum of 3000 orbits.

Decreased artifact time - Decreasing artifact time reduces the number of artifacts per day and increases the number of scepter stones and marble.

The 'stone of wisdom' is a commodity, and it seems that the value will increase in the future.

Unique MU Legend item option summary

There are articles that Mu legend summarize the emotion options below.If you get sick, listen to your brother Gillard, I tried to rearrange myself.For item emotion, this is the place where marble stones go. It's hard for me to feel the Mu legend item

MU Legend Whisperer operation magnetic field of pain

use three kinds of skill to absorb / decelerate / wide.Absorption is used for the utility & passive to collect mobs, Width is used for basic passive (8% speed) rather than buff Lastly, slowing is not really necessary for passive (it increases by 2 points of defense but it is up to 5 nesting).The magnetic field is more of a mob than it is to write, so if you spend it with trees, you can get a better deal than you think.


Mu Legend have deactivated the Mail System and face to face trade in game

Mu legend have updated yestoday, Mu Legend have deactivated the Mail System and face to face trade in game,Now Mu2zen will share u what change in this mu legend updated.


Mu legend Reference of Gamer Keywords and phrases are proud that some among you happen to be new customers who would like to expertise the outstanding globe in the MMORPG. Even so, because you happen to be new to all this, you could be getting trouble understanding many of the common game-publishing phrases


How to set Mu Legend skill reappearance 50 off

The stats explanation says that the maximum reappearance is 50%, so when the reappearance is 50%, I wondered how the sentence or set effect is applied.


Gameplay for the class MU Legend Emphasizer

Emphasizer became available in the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend, and players are already heavily evaluating this formidable character. Therefore, we decided to record for you a video with the game process for this class.

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