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Explore your favorite mu legend Emphasizer skills

Mu2zen Date: Aug/22/17 02:13:30 Views: 1317

A new job added to Mu Legend is Emphasizer, which is a character that can perform a secondary role through buff and debuff as well as ranged attack performance. She controls the bison and the chakra, and reveals a variety of effects that control the part of the battlefield.

The second female character of Mu Legend, which can be selected as both human and Kantura, is 'Emphasizer', a supportive wizzer with powerful attacks on ranged attacks, buffs and debuffs as well as ability to control the broadcasters. Unusually, she wears horns instead of helmets, and she has already attracted the attention of users as she stands out in her beautiful outfits.


With powerful attack performance, useful support at the party is versatile, but not easy to manipulate. Stronger co-op play to strengthen yourself and your friends, weaken your opponents, and destroy enemies from 1: 1 to a large number of enemies before reaching you. In other words, the back support of the party, the solo play is possible to play both Munan.

Most of the skills that can support the party are in the way of creating an enchantment in a large area, and the ally will receive buffs and less debuffs on that enchantment. Therefore, even if it is difficult to regain friendly strength instantly like Dark Road, it is possible to link aggressively with many buffs, and it is possible to utilize various effects at the same time with only one choice.

In addition, it is the first character to show 'Mutation', a powerful mob control skill that can control the behavior by changing the shape of the enemy. Although the defense is not high, it has instantaneous movement and invincible skill, so it has excellent survival ability by utilizing it.


When you use a sword, you can use a variety of weapons, such as 'Non-Sword Spread' and 'Ghost Sword', which can be used for ranged attacks and some wide range attacks. However, Chak Ram is overwhelmingly high in preference for a rotary blade . Besides that, the Empire Cyber ​​can have a skill that is considered to be important in common, rather than a big change in the skill tree depending on the weapon. 

The two most commonly used skills are 'Counterattack' and 'Protection', and these skills give buffs to themselves and friends. 'Counterattack of the Counterattack' expands the attack power of the ally, 520% ​​of the attack power to the enemy, and simultaneously reduces the attack power by 10%. 

And the 'Is immune to all damage for 1.5 seconds, which is considered to be the most powerful survival skill of Empire. In addition, it deals 10% damage reduction to allies, and periodically gives the enemy a debuff of 95% damage and 20% defense reduction. This is a useful skill that shows various ability to each of the three targets, both self, friend, and enemy, so many users are looking for it.


The skill of moving, 'stepping on the light' and 'welcome afterglow,' following the badge, are also skills that many users are choosing. Especially, 'Light Footsteps' deals periodic damage to nearby enemies for 8 seconds while maintaining the skill effect. It also increases the movement speed by 50%, and helps ignorance of collision. 

And 'Ghost Image' is a skill that increases the movement speed of nearby friendly units by 8% for 2 sec after moving to the selected point. Rather than acquiring buffs with this skill, it is often used as a survival skill to avoid enemy attacks, and it seems that non-swordspers are more favored than chakra.


The 'Call of Hope' is a technique widely used for crowd control, which emits the energy of hope around the enemy and attacks the enemies and stuns for 1.5 seconds . It can be used to tie up the enemy's feet, spread the distance, be useful for the escape, and pour out wide-range skills to the enemies who are stunned to handle enemies in a flash. 

In addition, 'Death Flowers' and 'Stormwinds' are frequently used as offensive skills. The 'Flower of Death' inflicts a range of damage to all nearby enemies with death aura, and marks the marker for 3 seconds. At this time, the mark that is created will end up with 75% damage when it expires, and an enemy with the mark can cause an explosion at death, adding up to 5 people around. Therefore, if you use the 'Death Flower' first and then continue the attacking skill, you can use the explosion to attack the area.

The 'Storm Shield Gem' given in the early skill is a simple skill that throws a wandering thorn in front of the enemy, causing a wide range of damage, but it is also a good skill to use continuously because it does not have a mana cost and cooldown time. In other words, it can be seen as the most basic and mastery attack skill.


'Celestial Prayer' is a Passive that can be acquired at level 45, with a 20% increase in buff duration for all of your opponent skills. And the 'Will of Hope' that can be obtained at level 65 also has a strengthening effect that reduces the cooldown of all your opponent skills by 1 second. 

As Emphasizer has a high efficiency of its own, the passive is also set as effects for it. Currently, there are a lot of connections between users, including 'the demise of counterattack' and 'the demise of protection', so it is natural that the passive effect to strengthen it is important.

In addition, the 'time warping' of 45 levels has the ability to increase attack speed and movement speed by 3% when the player's health is over 80%. It may be useful if you are able to deal with the enemy quickly, before you approach the enemy at a distance, or before you get hurt, but you may not see much efficiency if you do not have enough farming or manipulation skills. 


'Regular Absorption', which is acquired early in the 25 level, helps 5% of the maximum stamina when killing an enemy with a critical hit, so that they can go on hunting for a long time. It can be picked with good effect to link with the hysteria that makes hunting of the critically important hunting possible, but it is hard to be effective if the setting of the probability of failure is not proceeded. In addition, 'Mental Stimulus' increases the survivability by reducing the damage received by 5% if the enemy is over five within 10m. It is safe to hunt, so anyone can use it safely, but it may not be effective if the user is accustomed to long range combat.

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