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Gameplay for the class MU Legend Emphasizer

Mu2zen Date: Aug/12/17 01:23:49 Views: 572

Emphasizer became available in the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend, and players are already heavily evaluating this formidable character. Therefore, we decided to record for you a video with the game process for this class.

You have to look at the animation of Emphasizer's skills, battles with monsters, some locations and an initial mission.

In addition, in a special topic, you will be able to discover the translation skills of this class. You will have the opportunity to understand what kind of weapon this pretty girl uses, can she effectively destroy crowds of enemies, and is Emphasizer able to turn opponents into chickens.

Gameplay for the class MU Legend Emphasizer

So far, the theme is under development, but in the future it will be supplemented by the translation of all available skills. So you need to wait a little.

Literally a couple of minutes ago, Korean servers MU Legend developers have opened access to a new class of Emphasizer. Emphasizer is a girl who can control ether and nature, and as a weapon uses:

A huge disk - runs it along the line in front of you, damaging all the enemies that are on this very line
Flying swords - launches swords at the specified point, causing damage to all enemies who are in the zone of defeat

So far I liked the disk more, it's easier for them to kill groups of enemies.
Regardless of the weapons you choose, the class has a pretty high support rate.

"You can create a gate in the specified area, and if through them enemies pass, then they will get damage. Also, you will be able to launch a huge disk in front of you, which causes quite a lot of damage. And if you want to make fun of enemies, then just turn them into chickens (target armor is reduced by 50%). "

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