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Guides For Mu legend Luery's Secret Vault

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Luery's Secret Vault (루에리 의 비밀 금고) - one of the five daily dungeons
You can enter this dungeon twice a day
This dungeon exists only for the main currency of the game - mu legend zen
The entrance is in the tower with dungeons

The entire dungeon can be divided into two phases:

Phase 1
Arriving in the tower with the dungeons we go with the right lower
You teleport to the vault which is a corridor with monsters, a golem-portal and a bunch of urns with money.
The inhabitants of this storage are goblins of all possible variations and sizes.
All structures and monsters after a murder / destruction erupt from themselves tons of gold

Your task is to charge the golem so that he opens the portal to the boss
Charged with a golem from the energy that can be obtained after killing mobs
So we go killing and breaking everything and everything, in addition to the usual monsters you will expect a fairly simple mini boss
The charging process can be observed in the middle of the screen or on a special scale in the quest window

Phase 2
After you've killed everything that moves, broke everything that can be broken and vacuumed all the loot going to activate the golem
We approach the golem, use it and enter the portal which it opened to us
You teleport to a small room with a bunch of buildings, we break everything and collect loot. Next, go to the boss
The boss is a goblin with a huge beater, beware of you is only the final attack that begins when the boss has little HP
As soon as he has little HP, he will run away to his pile of gold and begin to throw at you all from gold to bombs.
We are waiting for him to stop and kill until the end.

After the killing of the boss will drop a different loot and the main currency mu legend zen
And as always, you will be given four cards with random items

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use three kinds of skill to absorb / decelerate / wide.Absorption is used for the utility & passive to collect mobs, Width is used for basic passive (8% speed) rather than buff Lastly, slowing is not really necessary for passive (it increases by 2 points of defense but it is up to 5 nesting).The magnetic field is more of a mob than it is to write, so if you spend it with trees, you can get a better deal than you think.


Mu legend will likely be re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction feature in the Auction Home

This Thursday, November 30th, from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. GMT (2 hours), Mu legend is going to be performing upkeep so that you can re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction function inside the Auction Property.


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