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Jesper_Kyd has lent his artful creativeness to MU Legend

Mu2zen Date: Jul/28/17 19:15:39 Views: 750

#Jesper_Kyd that is the focus of this article today who has lent his artful creativeness to MU Legend. If you want to learn about his process, check out the video below to see how he creates the instantly memorable tracks for MU Legend and many other game’s his contributed to.

Jesper_Kyd is a Danish music composer that has been creating music in some form for almost 30 years! His passion for the art started when he was just 13 years old making demo tracks on the Commodore 64.  In the video below, he openly states that he is a fan of analogue instruments and ones from the 60s, 70s, and 80s once they give him a sound that’s “thick and phat”.

Jesper_Kyd has lent his artful creativeness to MU Legend

If you haven’t heard the name, don’t worry because you’ve definitely either heard the games he’s worked on or maybe you’ve even played some of them. Here’s just a short list of some of the games Jesper has lent his talents to:

· Assassin’s Creed

· Hitman

· Borderlands

· Splinter Cell

· State of Decay

And with the recent announcement, we can add #MU_Legend to that list of influential and iconic games. From that list alone, the diversity is impressive and shows Jesper’s knowledge and ability is incredible which is why we are so proud to have him be a part of MU Legend.

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MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017

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MU Legend may be the next-gen ARPG MMO, slated to go in outdoors beta phase on November seventh, 2017. While using the stress test effectively completed, the technical team will focus on modifying the setup chilling out servers when using the data received. The preparation continues for your month of October.


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Infinite Top Guide video for this achievement that must be cleared within 5 minutes Users are asking about the attack on the tower, and wrote this on the invitation. Most of it goes up to the 69th floor.You can check the bottom of the 69th floor by video.

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