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Luery's Secret Vault is The best place to quickly get a large amount of Mu Legend Zen

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Mu legend Zen is really a fundamental currency in MU Legend that can be applied in the shop or to craft items. You can get lots of it in Luery's Secret Vault. This vault would be the hiding spot of Luery's huge fortune, and you can receive a great deal of Zen right here too as lots of things.Zen is actually a simple mu legend currency which will be made use of in numerous techniques, so it's superior to have as a great deal as you possibly can. You are able to enter the vault once every day starting from Lv. 55, so it is very best if you participate every day. Destroy objects to receive Zen and defeat many monsters on your solution to the Goblin boss, Warblin. The gameplay is comparable to that in the Warped mu legend Magic Gem Mine. 


Luery's Secret Vault, available from Lv. 55, is really a specific dungeon where you'll be able to acquire Zen. Zen can be a fundamental currency that is utilised to buy items in the shop, craft items by way of NPCs and is necessary for different other systems inside the game. Zen could be obtained by way of completing quests, hunting monsters and promoting items, but the very best place to promptly get a sizable volume of Zen is Luery's Secret Vault.

Luery, living up to her greedy reputation, hid all her treasures in this secret vault; it is now filled with Zen as well as other products! However, you are able to only enter once day-to-day, so be sure to enter each and every day and never miss out around the loot. 

The entrance is within the Area of Duty in Ohrdor, and also you can set the difficulty level from 1-5 once you enter. There are several traps inside, so be incredibly careful although you make your way via the vault. The greater the difficulty, the much more rewards you will get, however the enemies and traps also get stronger, so… watch out!

Once you enter, you will encounter old halls covered in spiderwebs, statues filled with gold coins and treasure chests. Zen will drop when you destroy the statues and the treasure chests, and also you have to pick it up all through the dungeon.

You have to destroy objects just like inside the Warped Magic Gem Mine, so never be afraid to smash anything in sight! It's only available as soon as per day, so ensure that to search every corner and destroy the statues and treasure chests whilst defeating any monsters along the way.

Your Trenta gauge will charge as you defeat monsters, and must be fully charged as soon as you get each of the Zen around the map. The charged Trenta will teleport you to the boss location, exactly where it is possible to defeat Warblin to get the final reward.

Warblin is the boss of Luery's Secret Vault. He isn't a massive goblin, but do not be deceived; his heavy armor and big hammer make him a formidable opponent. His attacks are rather robust, so you could come across oneself flat on your back when you underestimate him. 

He utilizes a melee area attack by swinging his hammer 360 degrees, so characters close to him need to watch out. His smashing hammer attack also has fantastic attack energy, so take care or you may be killed in an immediate. When he's gathering energy, ensure you move away in time.

Last but not least, Warblin's bomb attack can also be 1 to watch out for. Warblin throws bombs at players' places, so you are going to have to have to move fast to prevent them. He does not move around when throwing bombs, so appear for your very best likelihood to attack. 

After you clear the vault, you will get a ranking and may choose a card that will grant a random item. You could also get additional rewards from Luery's Cube, which you are going to receive right after finishing the challenge.

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