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Mu Legend Blader Two-handed weapon difference Pros and cons and tips

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What is underlined is an important part
1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Weapons One-handed weapon is bigger than one-handed weapon. One-way weapon is bigger and cooler than other weapon. Slow Weapon Base Passive Increases ATK by 5% Base Stats Mana Regeneration is 20 and Dexterity Weapon Speed ​​is incomparably faster than both hands I feel that when I run the Dill Cycle, If you do not have enough weapons, you have two weapons, so you have a lot of reinforcement costs. More material than two-handed weapons. The number of strikes is higher than both hands. % Recovered The only thing that matters here is the It is the strength to kick sheaves when the basic amount of mana restored pyeongta 15 Dual Wield being hit left-handed hitting right-hand ditch when the damage difference else damage is the damage the impact of emerging stars, when the two arms kkyeot

2. What do the two weapons have in common?
 There are some people who think that people can be mistaken because they are both hands. There are some people who think that the range is longer. Not at all. Skills are equal to each other. Range is 2m. Both weapons are the same. There is little difference between plus and minus 5

3. The difference between the two weapons The difference between the two weapons when hunting is clearly marked. Once you have both black mana and good retention, you have 20 mana per capita and you are slow in self-mana, self-resilience, and normal skills. Mana is well maintained even if it is mixed. However, in the case of Ssu-su, the pyeongtaegang mana supply and demand is 15. I have a question. My legend affects the speed of casting skill. Even if I get 15 per each skill, I use the skill as fast as it mana can not be maintained and worn away, so the biggest difference is the difference between mana maintenance power If you use a different skill on the target, you can use it.Why is this important? I do not take skill. So the people put a lot of hands on both hands.

4. Each weapon tip
If you use a pair of swords, it is necessary to take a breath, because it is a lasting one. It is necessary to take 3% of the deal when you put the soul power on your physical strength and it will be absorbed by 30 laps. Usually the bladers are flat -> blinking -> blinking -> blinking -> In the middle of the other skills -> Flight -> Repeating the whirlwind, I would like to mix one more skill here, MU Legend is the bigger delay of each skill, so I mix the flat and skill, This is a good combination of blades that are often used by bladers, as well as good mana supply. However, it is possible to put one more skill between the dlcycle and the flat -> wobble. I can not do it, but I do not know how to do it. I do not know how to do it. I do not know how to do it. I am sure the amount of the deal has increased.
If you use dual weapons, you will feel it. I am a mana jungle .... I think that these people are basically attached to the passive breath, and put your spiritual power into mana resilience. 30% of the time (I do not remember well, but this is the same thing) is increased! (50% in the description of the Invul skill, but it was the same as Ingeem). It is easy to maintain the deal cycle and enables continuous dealing. Users who use the dual weapon also have the possibility to have the dice cycle -> Tornado -> Flat -> Tornado -> Other skill. My experience is that you can not use mana if you use 3 ~ 4 times. If you are a man, you will get mana with a flat-> whirlwind. At the same time, If you use the buff skill, you can increase the deal amount. If you use the same skill as the 45 rap technique, which is one of the 45 rap techniques, Passive skill (5% increase per 5 seconds per ball at the fastest rate of 5 seconds for a maximum of 5 overlap) If you get the effect can see the real mixer level to put the deal

4. I have a cool time due to the patch this time. I'm studying for a better deal cycle than mixing it. I'm looking for something better and writing a new article. However, the 65-lap sweep stack recovery time is 4 seconds. Mana consumption is similar and cool time is similar. I would like to mix this with the deal cycle much more.And it is more difficult to maintain the mana of Suksu because the mana consumption of the whirlwind is increased. But when the cool of the anger reflux is shortened, the maintenance power is not bad when dealing with the boss. I like Suksu It's good and I like to breathe, so I will survive like a real zombie even if I enter the dungeon alone, but I will use both of them because I am going to change with both hands.I do not write the article is absolutely correct. Or not? May be I like to play games together because the newbies coming in now are steady users.

Mu Legend Blader Two-handed weapon difference Pros and cons and tips Click Blader | the crazy fighters of Mu Legend and destroys the enemy to read more guides for mu legend blader

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