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Mu legend Celebrates the Success of the Stress Test

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Seoul, Korea - September 26th, 2017 - WEBZEN, an worldwide developer and author of free-to-play games, has today confirmed the participant figures proven up at during MU Legend's stress test were while using the developers' needs, letting them adequately think about the stability and endurance within the server setup.Together with success within the stress test, some time-limited purchase of founder's packs has furthermore been unveiled: Hardcore fans can start their collection with MU Legend's exclusive Frontier Packs.


Mu legend Celebrates the Success of the Stress Test


MU Legend may be the next-gen ARPG MMO, slated to go in outdoors beta phase on November seventh, 2017. While using the stress test effectively completed, the technical team will focus on modifying the setup chilling out servers when using the data received. The preparation continues for your month of October.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, declared with enthusiasm: "I'll begin by saying a hot 'Thank you!' to everyone players who helped us push the technical limits about valentine's, that was about server-data collection. And talking about data, our developers got their at work a mine of knowning that is hugely helpful in driving our technical planning within the proper direction. I must help help help help help remind everybody the data acquired using players on September 23rd guarantees probably most likely probably the most optimization inside our servers any longer.In .


Mr. Czybulka ongoing: "We experienced lots of passion among our players while using stress test, in addition for support was the very best emotional boost! Again, Let me thank players for persistence, resilience and support. They have made these exciting moments much more memorable."

WEBZEN has unveiled three Frontier Packs that'll ensure to impress hardcore fans, created for a while only. The Frontier Packs include collector's wings, exclusive mounts, unique pets and special titles. The entire number of products and titles for your Frontier Packs is noted within the game's official website.

Players may also take a look at just what the unique Frontier Packs need to give within the following video:

The Frontier Packs are simply supplied by today, September 26th, until before the beginning of outdoors beta on November seventh.


MU Legend's team at WEBZEN Dublin commented:

"Our artists have provided special focus on the all of the Frontier Packs' products: Using their aesthetic features for animation, individuals will be the most breathtaking products we come across relaxing! We put they along with need to provide special remembrances to players within the MU franchise."

The MU Legend team ongoing: "We'd have loved these collector's products to get truly for your collectors among our fans. So, in line with form, they are not really purchasable after November seventh."

Furthermore for the relieve the Frontier Packs, players that are searching to understand outdoors beta on November seventh are now able to pre-download the sport client within the official website.

To learn more about MU Legend and pre-download the sport, visit:

Players can also be requested to go over the sport and join the problem Facebook community at:


About MU Legend

MU Legend may be the extended anticipated action MMO and follow-around MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that suits both solo and party play, along with a deep and intriguing world which will satisfy beginners and fans alike. Players consider four distinct classes - Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage - and interact within the endless fight between the idea of MU and Pandemonium. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals which will focus on lower-finish systems and boasts detailed art design with stunning effects.


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MU Legend Ranking System Information

It is possible to check the daily ranking records right here.Currently, this can be only accessible in the [Character > Combat Power] and [Mission Map > AI Arena] categories.


Interview with the voice director of MU Legend René Veilleux

WEBZEN has teamed up with René Veilleux and his team of actors from Verité Entertainment to record quality voices. Although his name may be totally unknown, his work is much less so. René Veilleux has earned a reputation by working on numerous games: The Elder Scrolls Online, Payday 2, How to Train Your Dragon (to name a few).


Luery's Secret Vault is The best place to quickly get a large amount of Mu Legend Zen

Mu legend Zen is a basic currency in MU Legend that can be used in the shop or to craft items. You can get plenty of it in Luery's Secret Vault. This vault is the hiding place of Luery's massive fortune, and you can obtain a lot of Zen here as well as many mu legend items.


Ways to build a high Attack Mu legend Blader

As a blader, you'll need three primary stats = Crit rate, Attack and Crit dmg in that order. All items can roll attack stats but not a crit or dmg so appear for items that have attack stats and reroll the useless stat for crit or crit dmg, Duh xD


Obtain Cute Pets,Rare Materials and mu legend zen from Fabrice's Garden

Fabrice, an ancient god, tended to this garden at one particular point. It's now a dungeon filled with magical Ents, as well as the pets and components that will be obtained here attract quite a few players. At Lv. 25, the level requirement could be the lowest of all the specific dungeons within the Room of Duty

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