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Mu legend Cube acquisition items summary

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MU Legend is the official follow-up to Mu Online - one of the first 3D MMORPGs in South Korea. Like its predecessor, MU Legend is developed by the Korean gaming company Webzen Games.this article list item name, fixed option in temple of the expanse,Heath Mine,Nightmare hell dungeon for mu legend class


Mu legend Cube acquisition items summary


Temple of the expanse

Item name Fixed option job Wear
New Silver Wind guns Marguerite Chipie 15% Damage 5% Dark Road Gloves
The Devil's Boots Attack 5% Attack Power 135 Dark Road shoes
General Garuda's leggings Damage 81  pigam 2% Blader pants
Gaudela tribal gaiters Beast type  ATK 25%  Variable ATK 25% Blader pants
Shadow Phantom Tunic Rating 5% ATK 81 Whisperer top
Karol Kingdom Tunic Magic Attack 25% Magic Attack 5% Whisperer top
Ruler of the Garuda tribe Passing 5% Attack Power 81 War mage pitching
Forgotten magic shoulder strap Deadly 5% ATK 135 war mage shoulder
Media  magic association shoes Borderline 10% Life 10% War mage shoes


Heath Mine

Item name Fixed option job Wear
Giant Horned Armor  View 2%  Life 4950 Dark Road top
Armor of Sacred Light Devil-type attack power by 25%  devil type pigam 5%  Dark Road top
Gargoyle Leather Breastplate Beast-type attack power by 25%  The Beast type pigam 5% Blader top
Step of decision Life 4950  Look 2% Blader shoes
Gargoyles Leather Gloves Enchantress 5%  ATK 135 Whisperer Gloves
Ghostly Blessing Gloves Life 4950 Damage 135 Whisperer Gloves
Medya Magical Association Pants Reckoning 5% Life power 4950 war mage pants

Nightmare hell

Item name Fixed option job Wear
Mantle of the Forgotten King Block 10%  Life 10% Dark Road shoulder
Shoulderplates of Forgotten Knights Jaegam 5%  jeongpi 20% Dark Road shoulder
Demon's Gloves Elite Attack Power 20% Devil Type Blader Gloves
Bone Pile  Vogel Beast-type Shooting 180 ATK 135 Blader Gloves
Karol Kingdom Headband Elite ATK 20% Whisperer pitching
Head of the Dark Spirit Attack speed 5% of  bladder 5% Whisperer pitching
Bloody Robe Elite ATK 20% 2% war mage top
Magical Wizard Robe Deadly 5% ATK 81 war mage top

Set for the high-stage labyrinth solpeul mu legend bladder

Now, I'm going to change my mind.If you think that it will be new from the beginning to the labyrinth, it seems to match this.If it's not a hysteretic setting, it's a hit, and I think it's really inefficient now.I think I'm going to throw it away.It's a setting for solfel. If you set it as it is, it is 0% and it may be chewed up every time you support the party

Mu legend Daily work you must do for beginners

If you are a mu legend beginners, Suggest you do Mu legend Daily work : pic 2 Dungeon,Room of work,Daily Quest,Gap of construction.

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MU Legend Stress Test at September 23rd

mu legend goal is to saturate the server of a specific zone in order to stress test its capacity and limits. The game will be available to play for 8 hours (4 p.m. until 12 a.m., UTC), and we have restricted the use of the map to Enova and the Rift only.


MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017

In Mu Legend website get a news MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017, when NA,EU Mu legend fans can player this game and if you need mu legend zen you can go our


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Know all the features and history of MU Legend

In this new Mu legend installment of the franchise, players will travel to the past to discover what happened before Kundun will dominate the MU continent. They have published the first of a series of introductory videos that we leave below.

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