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Mu legend Dark Lord Skill Information on: Buffs, Debuffs and Taunts

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Mu legend Dark Lord have three type skill: Weapon Skill,Class skills,Expert Skills and if you need mu legend zen to upgrade Go mu2zen.  MU Legend's infamous Dark Lord, outfitted which has a defend for remarkable protection, is really a course that's well suited to primary battles in the frontline. Instrumental in releasing people within the Ashas, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for great ability. 



Class skills: Pull and push to heal allies

You can use "Fire Bludgeon" to deal AoE harm in the starting of battle, because the area touched by the Dark Lord’s fiery chain is set alight and temporarily deals continuous damage. With "Spin Attack", you swiftly spin to hit surrounding enemies and lower their movement speed as well as boost aggro.

"Protective Touch" temporarily silences enemies and recovers HP for allies. "Fire Burst" is a powerful AoE attack and deals additional region harm immediately after 1.5 seconds. "Call of Thunder" also allows you to attack surrounding enemies and push them back.

"Eternal Flames" creates a fire cyclone for 20 seconds, dealing continuous harm without needing to attack all enemies 1 by a single. "Holy Light" recovers HP for your self and surrounding allies and also increases HP-recovery speed.

"Vicious Charge" could be the Dark Lord's only charge attack. It offers AoE harm plus a taunt impact that forces your enemy to attack you for two.five seconds, which can be deemed an critical effect for party play. "Monarch's Touch" throws a hook for the front and bargains AoE harm, pulling and taunting the enemy. They are the two most invaluable expertise for party play.

In addition to these skills, "Ice Claw" freezes enemies nearby although "Weapon Throw" deals damage over a wide location and reduces movement speed.

Nonetheless, you will find still more skills that happen to be helpful in party play. "Purification" removes all abnormal-status effects for your self and the surrounding allies, also generating you immune to all attacks for 1 second. "Rugard's Protection" creates a giant shield that increases celebration members' defense for 20 seconds.

Lastly, the Dark Lord's greatest ability is "Destruction Tremor", which is a charge-up ability. The longer it is charged, the higher the damage plus the location of effect. Enemies impacted may have reduced movement speed for four seconds, enabling you to take care of foes more proficiently.


Mu legend Dark Lord Skill Information on: Buffs, Debuffs and Taunts

Expert Skills: Use each attack and defense abilities

Decide on 3 professional abilities from "Strategy", "Immunity", "Death", "Encouragement", "Devastation" and "March". "Strategy" has the "Mock" passive that increases aggro, and you also can use "Madness Absorption" to quickly pull in and explode surrounding enemies.

"Immunity" lets you use "Pain Immunity". This grants immunity to all incoming harm for 4 seconds, generating it a great talent for survival. You also get the "Transcendence Shield" passive, increasing the shield-block price by 10% and recovering max HP by 1% on a prosperous block.

The "Death" expert skill lets you use "Follower's Spirit", a toggle-on/off talent that creates a pentacle to summon enemy-attacking souls. Additionally, it has the "Valiant Passion" passive, which reduces the target's defense for five seconds when a main-weapon talent is cast.

"Encouragement" can be a very helpful professional skill for parties, granting the "Defender's Shield" passive that increases the defense of celebration members inside 20 meters. Also, the "Dark Horse" talent produces a valiant mount that grants 30% immunity to all damage, while ignoring collisions.

There is also an specialist skill that's best after you have to lay waste to vast numbers of enemies. The "Devastation" expert ability destroys various enemies with massive damage more than a wide region and allows you to use "Rugard's Rage", a ability that summons a statue of Rugard to a designated place. "Rugard's Rage" is usually a skill that you simply need to charge, so the longer you charge it, the stronger it gets. Also, when you attack, the "Guardian's Authority" passive grants a 10% opportunity that attack energy will improve for 5 seconds. This 1 is very encouraged for aggressive Dark Lords.

The final expert ability, "March", encourages your comrades to fearlessly take on the enemy. It enables you to utilize "Attack Order", which increases the attack, move speed and attack-speed stats of party members. Also, it periodically recovers 1% of HP for nearby celebration members, so a Dark Lord who dreams of being a party leader will have to have this talent.



Weapon Skills: Slow enemies and increase stats with multi-hit combos

The bludgeon skills include things like "Call of Destruction", "Rupturing Thrust" and "Shield Bash", along with a productive shield block generates a shockwave that inflicts additional damage. You'll be able to make use of the capabilities "Cyclone Strike", "Holy Wallop" and "Dogged March" together with the two-handed bludgeon, which also grants an attack enhance (10% of defense converted to attack power).

"Call of Destruction" is a simple, short-range scepter attack. Having said that, a wave of rage might be generated on the third hit, adding AoE harm which will come in beneficial although hunting. "Rupturing Thrust" stabs the enemy and grants a likelihood of dealing greater damage. Also, "Shield Bash" bargains harm to surrounding enemies on the third hit, stunning them for 1.five seconds.

The two-handed bludgeon's "Cyclone Strike" throws cyclones for the front and grants a rise in the quantity of cyclones and damage inflicted when used several times. "Holy Wallop" delivers potent strikes for the front, dealing 125% of attack as AoE damage and reducing the target's movement and attack speed. Lastly, "Dogged March" bargains AoE damage to enemies for the front and pulls them in. The pull area and harm enhance with consecutive attacks, so the longer the battle, the stronger you get.

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