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Mu Legend Dark Lord Skills Guide for Beginners

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MU Legend's infamous Dark Lord, equipped using a shield for excellent defense, is a class that is nicely suited to top battles in the frontline. Instrumental in freeing humans from the Ashes, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for great energy.
The Dark Lord uses a wand as well as a shield for recovery and support skills, and he's instrumental in raising the combat effectiveness of parties. Alternatively, his guard can be relinquished in favor of a two-handed bludgeon that may be optimized for damage dealing. This Class enables the Dark Lord to use powerful region attacks and crowd handle to raze battlefields.

Mu Legend Dark Lord Skills Guide for Beginners

Stats and what to focus on gear
Shield Block to 50% Like Professional Talent (Pain Immunity) 10% and Left Click Skill (Shield Bash) 5% (Should you decide to go with Dragon Knight Shield, you'll be able to transform your ability Shield Bash to Thrust, Much more Damage)
Cool Down Reduction as significantly as possible (Ideally you can hit 50% with Gear and Soul Points)
Evasion Around 30% (Soul Point 9% necklace 5%, Chest Piece 5%, Boots 5%, Leg Piece 5%) of total 29% to aim for.
HP and HP Percentage on Gear 150K HP are Decent to be in a position to Mass Tank Pulls in Epic 5 Dungeons without Dying, Nonetheless, Aim for 200K+ HP.
So as priority for stats: Shield Block Rate>CDR>Evasion>HP>All Harm Reduction>Attack>Crit Rate>Crit Harm

Professional Skills
March - Technique - Immunity
Allegro is your most significant decision once you have around 20% Evasion and gets higher a lot more you have got.
Otherwise, you could decide on to go Endurance
Soul Points:
CDR: 60
Evasion: 90
Defense or Overall health Immediately after
Weapon: Crit Rate 2:5%
Shoulder: CDR 2%
Boots: Evasion two.5%
Rest 2.4k HP and Beast Damage
or for those who can get your hands on Class Gems, Go for the one with skills you use.

That is something you will need to adjust to boss fight, but your Trash Pulling and Killing Talent set remains precisely the same
That is what you'll be employing till boss
Spin Attack - Ice Claw - Vicious Charge - Protective Touch - Eternal Fire - Shield Bash - Madness Absorption
For Boss Fight you'll modify the following depending on fight but as rule right here what you may need
Boss where you will need Rapidly Escape (Dragon Heaven and Sanctum Last Boss)
Spin Attack - Ice Claw - Vicious Charge - Protective Touch - Holy Light - Shield Bash - Attack Order
Boss exactly where you don’t require fast Escape
Spin Attack - Ice Claw - Holy Light - Protective Touch - Eternal Fire - Shield Bash - Attack Order
Greatest in Slot Gear So Far
Note: Stats with Underlining are Prefix
Weapon: Dragon Knight Scepter (10% Block Rate - 4950 HP - Crit Price)
Shield: Dragon Hunter Shield ( Min 6% Shield Block - CDR - All Damage Reduction or 10% HP)
Shield 2nd Alternative: (Elite/Boss Damage 20% - 10% Block Rate - Crit Price)
Helm: Dragon Knight Helm (10% Block Rate - 4950 HP - CDR)
Chest: Dragon Hunter Armor (Evasion - CDR - All Harm Reduction)
Legs: Dragon Hunter Bottoms (Evasion - HP - All Damage Reduction)
Boots: Dragon Hunter Boots (Evasion - CDR - HP)
Gloves: Dragon Hunter Gloves (HP - HP Recovery - Crit Price)
Gloves 2nd solution: Dragon Knight Gloves: Elite/Boss Damage 20% - HP - Crit Rate)
Shoulders: Lost King’s Spaulders (10% Block Price - 10% HP - CDR)
Ring: Giant Life Ring (HP 10% - HP Recovery 495 - All Harm Reduction 2% - CDR)
Earing: Lost Dragon Eye (HP 10% - Evasion 5% - Elite/Boss Attack 20% - CDR)
Necklace: Dragon Ornate Necklace (HP 10% - All Harm Reduction - HP - CDR)
Necklace 2nd Alternative: Dragon Slaughter Necklace: Elite/Boss Attack - Elite/Boss Defense - CDR - 10% HP
Play Style: Eternal Fire Up, Run About collect mobs, use spin attack every single now and after that as soon as, all mobs gathered, Use Madness, spam your spin and Ice Claw, use Protective Touch for heal and Silence and Vicious Charge to get out or in of Terrible Predicament.
As for bosses, understand that you will from time to time drop agro so do not panic, you may have Vicious Charge to grab immediate agro for any when and start out spamming your skills once again.

More offensive selection as soon as geared and enchanted decently could be the below for more quickly clears
Adjust all Scroll Stats to Attack
Expert Talent as follow:
March - Method - Death
Soul Point:
CDR: 30
Defense: 60
Wellness: 30
the rest of Defense or Evasion
Shield Enchant: Shield Block four.5%

Trash Pulls:
Spin Attack - Ice Claw - Vicious Charge - Protective Touch - Attack Order - Shield Bash - Madness Absorption

Spin Attack - Ice Claw - Vicious Charge - Protective Touch - Attack Order - Shield Bash - Holy Light
The Notion of the above modifies movement speed and more defense reduction for the duration of the run for more rapidly clears in epics run.
PS: Elite Damage Gear Idea Taken from T-Party Guide on YouTube
Edit: Added Gems, Some Secondary Possibilities for Gear, Skill adjust according to new gear
Edit 2: Added Offensive Make for speed runs epics

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