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Mu Legend Faction War Will Coming in 9th of January

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This is Homil, content developer for MU Legend. Because we've lately introduced the 3v3 PvP update to MU Legend, we now choose to talk about our new update coming on the 9th of January: Faction War.

Mu Legend Faction War Will Coming in 9th of January

Just about two months have passed due to the fact MU Legend went into the open beta phase. These had been two months full of light, but also some darkness. We sincerely apologize for any gameplay problems which you could have experienced during the last couple of weeks of this beta phase. I know we nonetheless possess a lengthy method to go around the path to offering a more stable and enjoyable game service. Your comments and opinions are helping us to attain that objective, and we're paying close consideration to your feedback.

Beginning Of the Faction War
The Faction War is usually a massive and one of a kind function that may be very diverse to the sieges that you just may have skilled in other on the internet games.
MU Legend is often a hack-and-slash game, which can be not related to huge battles with large groups of players. Indeed one of the Key goals for the duration of its improvement was to permit as lots of characters as you possibly can to access all content devoid of any hassle and reach a sense of fulfillment as they progress by way of the game. Although working towards this, we discovered it was complicated for us to come up using a large-scale PvP feature that suits the game.
We tackled the challenge by reinterpreting a classic narrative of cooperation and conflict among some characters, often expressed through the "siege war" content in other games, into our unique material that is continuously using the attributes of MU Legend.
Our target was clear: to attract as several guardians as you possibly can, to discover a way for NO PvP players to have a part to play in their guilds, and to spark conflicts among guardians enjoyably and engagingly!
But what matters is how well we deliver what we attain.
(It feels like these were as well quite a few objectives ;-))

Beginning From the Faction War: The Frontier
As you all know, MU Legend takes location in the land of MU, a continent that floats in the sky.
A storm of highly efficient evil energy whirls beneath the continent, producing it practically not possible to venture down for the regions below.
Nevertheless, one particular day, the storm cleared for unknown motives, revealing a new floating continent.
The people of MU began to call this new land "The Frontier."
The discovery in the Frontier was a tragedy but also a blessing.
Because it turned out, the land was wealthy within a new style of the useful resource found nowhere else. This led to further conflicts and clashes amongst all the nations on the continent of MU.
Right after an extended, arduous war, the countries agreed that they could no longer afford to fight each other over the new land. As an alternative, influential leaders from across the continent held the Continental Leadership Congress and declared The Frontier a neutral region, which couldn't be claimed by any one nation or alliance.
They decided that the neutral region could be ruled by respected guilds, who would every handle a portion of the land as their domain. The countries on the continent would then reap tax revenues from those areas.
This opened up new, lucrative possibilities for renowned guilds across the continent.
They could now make use of the Odyssey Crystal, an exclusive resource only identified within the Frontier, to imbue their gear with new powers. This gave them the opportunity to achieve recognition for their guilds by winning the Faction War tournament held by the Continental Leadership Congress.
And quickly it is possible to jump into the Faction War to claim that energy and fame for your guild!

Faction War: Tournament
In the event you watched the G-STAR videos before the OBT Launch, you ought to be acquainted with the fundamentals of the domain and tournament method. For those of you who did not watch them, or are fuzzy on the facts, I prepared some images to help you recognize what it indeed is.

Around the Faction War map, a hexagonal tile represents a territory.
You can find a wide variety of territories on the map, to stop a handful of guilds from monopolizing them all.
Not all territories will be identical.
Territories have grades. A region using a more substantial degree rewards the occupant with above rewards, but it is extra hard to occupy and sustain: you will face more strong opponents in fierce battles.
In case your guild will not have sufficient members or is just not practical adequate, it'd be an improved technique to go into territories with reduced grades.
Every guild applies for a tournament for the territory they desire to occupy. When the guild survives the preliminary rounds, they could fight for control more than the area in the final match.
From the starting correct towards the final match, all guild members need to operate together beneath meticulously coordinated tactics.
The selection on the tournament format shows the path from the new content. It is made to become accessible to as a lot of players as possible.
By participating in each round in the tournament, players will probably be able to expertise this new feature from their respective positions.
As the Faction War provides many territories to conquer and draws a large variety of guilds to every tournament, ultimately a vast number of guilds will be participating in the Faction War.
The Faction War rewards players just for participating in it. Fundamentally, it's like a giant festival for all players and guilds!
Now, in conclusion, I would prefer to show you a screenshot of the Guild Harbor, in case you have not currently explored this element on the map. The harbor is going to be the primary venue for the Faction War and in some cases far more content material, which will be released at a later stage.

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