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MU Legend features and system renewal

Mu2zen Date: Aug/19/17 03:45:55 Views: 580

MU Legend has released its first new character, EmphiSizer, on its update today (August 10). In addition, we have made major patches, such as renewing new fundamental dungeons and systems.
The newly added Forestal Dungeon is a high school of Lupi, and each class item of mythology class can be created as a core material obtained from the corresponding dungeon. Also, the difficulty level of Epic and mytha dungeon increases to 10, and you get a set item of 'Jin:' with a fixed option at boss clearing.
In addition, the achievement system was expanded to 120 classes, adding daily missions, PVE and PVP content sharing due to the introduction of the season.

MU Legend features and system renewal

■ Addition of the new library of new fairytal dungeon lupas
The new library of the new fundamentalist dungeon, Rupa, was added. You can enter through the 'Polystal: Rufah's High School' item, which item can be obtained from the cube dropped by the jar goblin. It can not be traded because it is a forestry consuming item. Jar goblins have been added to this epic and mythical dungeons from six stages above.
In addition, each class has a special equipment for exclusive use of Xinhua grade. The Dark Road is a sturdy Venti leg armor, the blader is a sharp chiseled choker, the whisperer is an unmatched Mercur's shoe, and the Weary is a broken Grande's glove.
In order to produce high-end equipment, core materials that are dropped only in high-end buildings are needed.

■ Added difficulty up to 10 levels of epic and mythical dungeon
Epic / myth 6 levels of difficulty was added. You can acquire cubes of different grades for each degree of difficulty, and you get enhanced equipment with a certain probability when using cubes.
In the sixth stage, ancient + 0 ~ + 5, myth + 0 ~ + 2/7 is ancient + 0 ~ + 6, myth + 0 ~ + 3/8 is ancient + 0 ~ + 7, myth + / 9th step + 0 ~ + 8 / myth + 0 ~ + 5 / The last 10 steps earned ancient + 1 ~ + 9 / myth + 1 ~ + 6.
In addition, the middle bosses appearing in each dungeon also drop the cube, and you can obtain legendary items from the cube. At this time, you can get up to 4 items at a time with a certain probability.
And in the cube you get from the last boss boss, set items are dropped with a lower probability. Gene: Set items have fixed options.

■ Introduction of season
The season has been introduced and one season will be on until November 10th. As a result, the PVP contents-oriented battle rankings were divided between the season-oriented mission of PVE contents such as dungeon and mission map, 3: 3 collaboration, and power war.
First, in the case of a seasonal mission, you will be rewarded each time you achieve each mission, and if you clear all the missions, you will get +7 Shining Weapon Strength.
Regardless of the weapon's enchantment level, you now have a 100% chance to make an enchantment value of 7, so be careful not to use it for any further enchantment items. In addition, when strengthening the item belongs to the character.
There is also a change in the compensation of PVP content ranking. First place is Purple Bat Wyvern (30 days) and Trophy Coin 50, Second Place is Purple Bat Wyvern (15th) and Trophy Coin 30, Third is Purple Butte Wyvern (7th) There are 20 trophy coins.
The rewards will be paid equally to all Knights of Knights who have been ranked on the end of the season.

■ System renewal progress

1. Achievements
Achievements will be further subdivided into 120 classes from the existing 5 classes. Therefore, even if you have already received the previous 5th grade compensation, you can receive compensation again according to the accomplishment of the newly renewed work.
In addition, 73 special achievements with more difficulty than general achievements have been added, and reward points can be earned along with achievement points such as Red Zen and Majing.

2. Daily Mission
The existing missions have been changed to 5, and the missions of the conditions to clear the myths of 6 or more have been added. When you clear the mission, you will receive 'Dukan's lost pocket' as a reward.
In addition, three or four of the Mission category of the task addition, the Wuhan Tower and the Blood Castle, the mysterious mine, the gardens of the Fabrice, the secret coffin of Lulu, and the labyrinth related missions of Rupa are randomly selected.
On the other hand, the daily mission merchant, DuChan, began selling the shoulder, top, bottom, and shoes in boxes. Eventually, you can buy all six sets of parts, and there are also four trophy coins available.

3. Power Battle
From now on, the tournament of the power war is changed to start from the 8th rank, and only a maximum of 8 knights can be played in one manor.
In addition, the compensation for participating in the tournament will be changed so that the player will receive 1 proof of provenance and 1,000 of his major points at the victory of the preliminary contest.
You will earn 15 pros and 2,000 majors to win the final, and you will receive 1,000 points for the final defeat.

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