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Mu legend in game Currency

Mu2zen Date: Aug/16/17 23:34:06 Views: 2308

Mu legend in game Currency

There are several types of currencies in Mu Legend:

Magic Gem (green)

These gems you can get in the rifts and in the dungeon Warped Magic Gem Mine, which is available once a day. Gems you can spend on costumes for the character, mounts and supplies.

Rift Fragment (blue) 

Fragments you can get only in the rifts. On these fragments you can buy special chests, from which with a certain chance can drop the armor of one of the graves presented in the game. Chests can be bought from the NPC. In addition, this currency will be needed for the passage of the Lupa's Labyrinth dungeon, which is necessary to increase the level of artifacts.

Mu Legend Zen (in common with gold) 

The main game currency that you get from monsters, as a reward for quests, in the dungeon of Luery's Sercet Vault, when selling things, and so on. Gold, you, like in other similar games, you need to sharpen, send mail messages and much more.

Guild Contribution (purple)

On the PTA, we could not make out what exactly this currency needed and how to get it. Most likely it was disabled, or we did not get to the content that would open it.

Guild Funds (gold)

This currency appears after you join the guild. Automatically when collecting gold, when pumping into the general guild budget will be written off a few gold coins. Guild Funs pays a weekly fee from the guild, as well as the opening of the necessary guild buffs.

MU Legend Character and classes Faq

How many classes are available in the game? How is the pumping of the character? What types of quests are there in the game? How many maximum levels?How does the character develop his abilities? What is an artifact? All you can get answer

MU Legend PvE and Pvp Faq

Some faq for mu legend pve and pvp like What are the dungeons? Where can I find the entrance to the dungeons? Are there any difficulties in passing through the dungeons? How is PvP represented in the game?What is the arena in the game? What is its peculiarity? you can go get more information


mu legend FAQ and prepare for start off enjoy obt

It's the final countdown! Today, Tuesday November 7th, marks the beginning of a brand-new chapter inside the MU franchise, together with the launch of MU Legend's open beta for our international audience! Now let's cover a number of often asked concerns we've gathered from mu2zen


MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017

In Mu Legend website get a news MU Legend English Version OBT at September 2017, when NA,EU Mu legend fans can player this game and if you need mu legend zen you can go our


Mu Legend have deactivated the Mail System and face to face trade in game

Mu legend have updated yestoday, Mu Legend have deactivated the Mail System and face to face trade in game,Now Mu2zen will share u what change in this mu legend updated.


Mu Legend Server Will be merge to Legacy Server

MU Legend is preparing to merge its servers to supply a better gaming atmosphere for players. The server merge will take place through the maintenance on Tuesday, 13/03. The "old" servers will likely be merged into a brand new server (for each and every region) which will be classified as a "Legacy Server."

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