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MU Legend Item options by prefix / suffix

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Mu legend Items are determined by the combination of prefix + suffix, For example, when a dragon hunter swords a big sword and a sharp tiger risesSharp (Tough) + Tiger (Chippy) Dragon Hunter Great Sword comes out, so it becomes a top-quality sword.There are rules here.
1. The same option does not overlap the prefix + suffixSharp (+) and lynx ().
2. Only the shield is limited to the physical strength + healthIn this case it will be a shield of tempered (life) + elephant (life).In this case, it is not life + life.Turns to Life + Life PercentageLife 4000/8% lifeOf course, this will be much bigger in this case, so if you are a defensive dark rod you will be the best shield.

MU Legend Item options by prefix / suffix

1. Prefix
Tempered - life
Strong - attack
incisive - Endurance
Sleek - Speed
Relentless - Cicada
veteran - Feeling
Persistent - Grace
Careful - hit
brash - Reappearance
quick - evasion
Rough - onlooking
compact - deadline


2. Suffixes
Tiger -Cicada
Crocodile -onlooking
lynx -Endurance
Leopard -Speed
elephant -life
snake -evasion
A wolf -Grace
Eagle -hit
hyena -deadline
dingo -Reappearance
bronco -Courier (shoes)
Badger - Elite damage (law)
bear -Feeling

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