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Mu legend Litenberg Qwyinan Village and Sanguine Highlands Map,Map Icons

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Litenberg is divided into 8 regions, that are Qwyinan Village, Ice Lake Plain (where dragons and mutated monsters appear), Kanturu Musai, Wallkreiger Ruins, Sanguine Highlands, Mining Gorge, War Shelter and Sanctum on the Elders.

Mu legend Litenberg Qwyinan Village and Sanguine Highlands Map,Map Icons

The Sanguine Highlands, as the name suggests, are mentioned to possess when been tainted with the blood of numerous warriors.Now, the Mission has entered the region, turning it into ruins after awakening the Wallkreiger Revenants.

Qwyinan, the village from the Dracans, is currently in danger of being overrun by dragons and mutated monsters closing in from surrounding locations.The Dracans are usually mistrustful of strangers along with other races,but Dracans Knight Commander Chaisong has put all that aside and allied with all the Mediah Kingdom to stop the fall of Qwyinan.

Qwyinan Village Map

The passages to the Ice Lake Plain, Wallkreiger Ruins along with the Mining Gorge are located in Qwyinan Village.
You'll locate a variety of merchants within the village's industrial district, including weapon, armor and potion merchants.

Qwyinan Village Map Icons
Travel Guide : An airship that allows you to travel involving continents.
Travel Gateway : A portal that permits you to travel around the Litenberg continent.
Weapon Merchant Buy fundamental weapons and repair/dismantle things.
Armor Merchant : Buy fundamental armor and repair/dismantle things.
Potion Merchant : Acquire potions to heal wounds.
Gemcutter : Add gem slots for your equipment and acquire mu  legend items.
Craftsman : Craft equipment and consumables.
Look Changer : Change/reset the appearance of products.
Enchantment Merchant : Enchant items, reset possibilities or develop wings.
Event Helper : Receive event rewards.
Mailbox : Send and obtain mail.
Storage Manager : Shop things.
Magic Gem Merchant : Purchase products with Magic Gems.
Guild Storage Manager : A shared Guild Storage exactly where you are able to store things

Sanguine Highlands Map

The Tephakin Army's primary encampment is here, that is surrounded by the scout unit, observer unit and signal corps.

General Info
There are various monsters in this area, and elite monsters seem at common intervals, so be careful.The Blood Ice Peak, which was one of the most brutal battlefield throughout the Three-year War, is situated here.

Monster Levels & Types

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