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MU Legend money shop is offering a 20 off reduction on Pets and Artefact

Mu2zen Date: Nov/24/17 19:08:33 Views: 642

Mu legend active Black Friday begins currently! Now mu2zen will share you detail regarding the active
Did you prepare black coffee refills to help keep you awake all night and day?
It’s difficult to prevent the tired black eyes whilst you will be in vigil mode, but this really is what it requires for grabbing the ideal provides!!!
On the other hand, please don’t blackout in front of all those fantastic affairs (or those mysterious Males in Black), that we guarantee you they aren’t coming from the black marketplace!
MU Legend money shop is offering a 20% reduction on its “Pets and Artefact” category!
MU Legend Goblins have written it on their black board.
Discover your “Black Pearl” among our pet boxes! (“This is the story about a black ship, not a “sheep”, even when it might be black at the same time, and also if it is a farm pet plus the sale is all about pets…”) - In these boxes, we guarantee no Black Stallion nor Black Swan, but you are able to attempt your luck (hoping which you will not cross a Black Cat) in receiving a… grey cat, a Kobold, a Tangu a Valru or numerous much more!

MU Legend money shop is offering a 20 off reduction on Pets and Artefact

Beginning this Friday, for Black Friday and all weekend, from 24/11/2017 ten AM - 27/11/2017 10 AM, enjoy a 20% reduction on the Pet and artefact category!
Stay tuned and get pleasure from the weekend!

What there is to do after getting to level 65

When we attain the best of your present version, what else can we play? Now Mu2zen shares with you what there is certainly to perform soon after obtaining to level 65. Mu2zen as a professional Mu Legend zen web-site, delivers secure, rapidly and inexpensive Mu legend redzen for you personally.

Interviews for Mu legend fans interest questions in OTB

To be able to get much more information and for further investigation, it truly is temporarely not possible to register a new item within the auction house. mu2zen ask these queries type mu legend and list for mu legend fans


Blader Skill Guide for Mu Legend the beginners

The Blader is MU Legend's fiercest warrior, adept in promptly and brutally dispatching enemie.The Mu legend Blader are three type of skill:Weapon skills,Class skills,Professional skills and if you need to Purchase mu legend zen go through the skill upgrade method or have some other challenge to play mu legend.


The New Items Coming For the Mu Legend Shop On January 9Th

Make your character look much more great with newly added costumes, wings, and mounts! But wait, looks aren't everything, proper? With this in thoughts, we've combined new bundles for all levels that can be more than useful in the course of your adventures.


Gameplay for the class MU Legend Emphasizer

Emphasizer became available in the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend, and players are already heavily evaluating this formidable character. Therefore, we decided to record for you a video with the game process for this class.


MU Legend Publish New Content

Developer Webzen has listened to the feedback of the closed beta, where FOK! Also participated. A series of changes to the MU Legend gameplay has been implemented and there is clarity about the level cap. The next stage is the open beta, which will start shortly.

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