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MU Legend PvE and Pvp Faq

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Mu legend PVE Faq?

What are the dungeons?

There are several types of dungeons in Mu Legend:

  1. Plot
  2. Rifts
  3. Ordinary dungeons
  4. Special dungeons
  5. Testing
  6. Epic dungeons
  7. On the passage of some of them there is a certain limit of attempts. Basically, this applies to those dungeons that you need for character development.

Where can I find the entrance to the dungeons?
Some story dungeons, rifts and ordinary dungeons you can find in the locations when pumping your character. Epic dungeons, which require special preparation, can be found only in certain locations. As a rule, you can get into epic dungeons, having a certain amount of CP. Tests and special dungeons you can find in a special location - Room Of Duty.

Are there any difficulties in passing through the dungeons?
Yes, some dungeons at the entrance you can choose the difficulty of passing. From the complexity of the passage depends that extraction, which you can get with a successful passage.

Can I go through the dungeons alone?
Some dungeons, such as normal and rifts, you can go alone, but you can get a more effective result by going through the dungeons in the group. You can assemble the group manually or by using the group search system.

MU Legend PvE and Pvp Faq

Mu Legend PvP Faq
How is PvP represented in the game?
PvP in the MU Legend is represented by an arena, a separate battlefield and duels.

What is the arena in the game? What is its peculiarity?
In the MU Legend arena is presented in a somewhat unusual form. In a day you can participate in battles only for three sessions a day. Each session consists of single matches against those AI-copies of the characters of other players that you choose yourself. Before the start of the match you will have a list of candidates on your screen that can become your rivals.

What is the essence of the battlefield?
Altar Of Spirits is a separate battleground for team battles 10 to 10, which take place in the first 25 minutes of each hour. For the battlefield, there is a special rating system for each character, from which rivals and allies are selected in each match. The main condition for winning a battlefield is a set of a certain number of points. You score points with the help of killing the enemy and capturing special altars.

From what levels is PvP available?
The arena is available from level 45 of the character, and Altar Of Spirits is from level 65.

Will there be a siege in the game?
The siege system in the MU Legend is significantly different from the usual siege system in other games, such as ArcheAge or Black Desert. In MU Legend, sieges are a system of tournaments for territories. More about them you can read here (data from the Korean version).

Bonuses from the territory are received only by the guild-winner?
No, depending on the grade of the territory, the winning guild can have followers. A follower can be any player who has paid a fee for joining the ranks of followers, who become available to some of the bonuses received by the winner's guild from a particular territory.

How are the matches between guilds during the tournament?
As it became clear from Korean video, the match is 60vs60 in the big arena. You must, within a certain time, receive a certain number of points by capturing points and destroying the opponent's characters.

Mu legend in game Currency

Mu legend zen is The main game currency that you get from monsters, as a reward for quests, in the dungeon of Luery's Sercet Vault, when selling things, and so on. Gold, you, like in other similar games, you need to sharpen, send mail messages and much more.

Solve Mu legend leaking phenomenon occurs in the Windows 10 OS

by shutting down Windows10 Defender, so try to shut down Windows10 Defender as follows.1. Run the Run window (Windows key + R) 2. Type gpedit.msc in the Run window 3. Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Windows Defender → Turn off Windows Defender → Settings window 4. Use the PC reboot


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