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Mu legend PvP mode 3v3 Co-op Mode guides for beginners

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In reality, the update will open up the very first set of PvP features, permitting players to compete in 3v3 cross-server fights. Though the update will unlock cross-server combat worldwide, it's vital to note that it will only let players inside the same area to compete with each other.The excellent news is that that is just the start off of PvP content material. Based on Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, the MU Legend team has an abundance of mu legend PvP content material within the performs and it will be rolled out more than time though. Also, they work to expand the game's PvE content.

The way to Play 3v3 Co-op
Press hotkey [B] or click around the Mission Map icon in the top rated of your screen to open the window and enter.
Mu legend PvP mode 3v3 Co-op Mode guides for beginners
As soon as the 3v3 Co-op button is activated, you can see the Individual Request and Celebration Request buttons. Person Request will team you up with random players, and Party. The request will allow you to request a 3v3 Co-op battle with your good friends (Celebration Request feature is at present in improvement).
This shows the character's 3v3 Co-op battle information and facts, which include wins, records and league name.

When an opponent is located immediately after you request a 3v3 Co-op, it'll show in the primary center with the screen.
You can click on Cancel to cancel the match any time ahead of you enter.

You could check the information and facts from the participating characters when you enter the 3v3 Co-op.

As soon as each of the characters enters, they're going to be placed as shown above and the battle will start.

You get points if you defeat the opposing team's players, and if it is a draw, everybody loses.
Towards the appropriate from the screen, you might see the time left as well as the points for each team. Beneath that, you can see the character-kill facts.

This shows the battle information on the 3v3 Co-op you participated in.
This shows the winning points and league name with the 3v3 Co-op you participated in.
This shows the rewards earned from the 3v3 Co-op you participated in.

3v3 Co-op Rewards
You may exchange the Fighter's Tokens you get from 3v3 Co-ops for game items via the PvP merchant in Order.

The PvP merchant is situated in the center Ohrdor's industrial region.

The PvP merchant sells standard supplies and specific items which you can only acquire the mission maps.

3v3 Co-op Leagues
Co-op leagues are determined based on the winning points of characters.

You will discover six leagues in total, from Bronze League up to Legend League.
Players in the higher leagues get new Fighter's Tokens when they win/lose battles.
Notes about 3v3 Co-op Mode

Co-op can be a PvP mode where players battle against each other in teams.
The Co-op opens for 1 hour and closes for the subsequent hour.
At the moment, only Individual Requests are available for the Co-op; the Celebration Request function will be added at a later date.
You can acquire Fighter's Tokens as rewards for the Co-op.
It is possible to exchange the tokens for game items by way of the PvP merchant in Ohrdor's industrial location.
You'll find six leagues in Co-op mode (Bronze up to Legend), and the larger the league, the new Fighter's Tokens it is possible to receive.

Mu legend PVP Content material Will Update On December 5th, 2017

Just one month on from the official OBT launch, WEBZEN is set to release its 1st content material update for the game. On December 5th, the extremely anticipated first set of PVP functions will be unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete with each other in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.

Mu legend will likely be re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction feature in the Auction Home

This Thursday, November 30th, from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. GMT (2 hours), Mu legend is going to be performing upkeep so that you can re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction function inside the Auction Property.


MU Legend War Mage Recommended Skill Tree and Boss pattern

As much as 200 revived stones, We would like to inform you of the know-how accumulated through further drilling from the 42nd floor to the 100th floor.In the labyrinth room, regardless of the boss,It could be a yellow laser, an ice crescent, a clock, or a strange green.


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Bokekik MU Legend users who are uncomfortable to the belly button

The main branch of the météationque general quest (where the mob level is high, or the lot is regent) is always noble. At level 60, Kerik has a soul rep level of about 50, and he has a high level of soul rep,It is really powerful. Some users start to speak through the shout channel

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