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Mu legend Reference of Gamer Keywords and phrases

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Mu2zen are proud that some among you happen to be new customers who would like to expertise the outstanding globe in the MMORPG. Even so, because you happen to be new to all this, you could be getting trouble understanding many of the common game-publishing phrases.Just for you, we're deploying a glossary which will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Mu legend Reference of Gamer Keywords and phrases


Open Beta Test

The mu legend open beta test (aka OBT) can be a soft launch in the game. This means that you are able to play the game and practical experience almost everything it can must supply throughout its official release, including the cash shop and auction homes. You don't want a crucial to participate, just a user account, and none of your game information is going to be deleted for the official release. The principle objectives listed below are to test the final develop on the game, iron out any minor problems and introduce the cash system.



Official Release

The official release (aka Reside) would be the final stage; the game is now 100% released. At this stage, the focus is mainly on boosting communication within the press/on the diverse social media platforms and creating discussion about the game. As soon as the game has been officially released, the next step for the publisher/developers should be to entertain the neighborhood with updates, events, tournaments and much more. 



Alpha Test

The alpha test consists from the initial client which enables us to look at all aspects with the game at an early stage. Nonetheless, it generally comes with a great deal of bugs, mismatched translations and more. Place simply, it really is the initial delivery with the client from our developers where they upload the database to our servers and allow access towards the game. This becoming the incredibly very first test, it is to become anticipated that there will probably be a lot of translation concerns, bugs, missing animations and more. This atmosphere aids us recognize what we will have to appropriate ahead of the public gets its 1st glimpse from the game. Typically, this phase is only available for external/internal QA helpers, the localization QA team and game publishing specialists. All these folks work for the same publisher/development company.

Closed Beta Test

The closed beta test (aka CBT) is the 1st version obtainable towards the public, in which it is possible to play the game and appreciate its mechanics, dynamics and engine. In the course of this phase, users with an account plus a CBT crucial are going to be able to play. These keys should be obtained by means of giveaways or other media (for instance FB pages or through e mail). Commonly, a CBT lasts for around 1 or 2 weeks. Just after that period, the game is closed to absolutely everyone, along with the publisher/developers analyze the challenges skilled by players and appropriate any errors. They may choose to extend the testing period, if issues are encountered that need to be fixed with higher significance. You'll find typically up to two or three CBTs ahead of an OBT. Immediately after these periods, all information should be wiped before the OBT or official release.

Stress Test

The strain test can be a QA procedure that attempts to "break" the server. In other words, it really is an intensive period of testing that permits the publisher/developers to know the capability and limits from the server and game. The server is saturated with as a lot of players as possible, positioned in the same place and carrying out the same factors. This test enables probable future problems to be identified and corrected prior to they happen. These sorts of tests are usually accessible for 1 day only, throughout particular hours. All customers who have an account really should be in a position to take part in the pressure test. Immediately after this period, all information must be wiped ahead of the OBT or official release.

About Buy MU Legend Pack and Register FAQ

MU Legend, and hence the Frontier Pack purchasing process, has an automated, IP-based region-allocation system. Your IP address is logged when you create your account, and you will be automatically assigned to 1 of 3 regions: Americas, Europe or Southeast Asia.

Mu legend Frontier Packs Wings Tips

Wings are available in two diverse types, every single with its personal slot inside the game: Common Wings and Premium Wings in Mu legend Frontier Packs Wings and those can not trade in mu legend

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