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Mu Legend Server Will be merge to Legacy Server

Mu2zen Date: Mar/07/18 00:00:06 Views: 1330

MU Legend is preparing to merge its servers to supply a better gaming atmosphere for players. The server merge will take place through the maintenance on Tuesday, 13/03 2018. The "old" servers will likely be merged into a brand new server (for each and every region) which will be classified as a "Legacy Server."

Mu Legend Server Will be merge to Legacy Server

In addition to this server merge, new servers will be opened as a part of the Spellbinder release, which will take place on 20/03.
With these upcoming server adjustments, we're aiming to provide a better gameplay environment in MU Legend: US and EU regions will get quicker matchmaking, a far more significant and "hotter" marketplace, and also much more competitors inside the battle for guild territories thanks to the gathering of more significant numbers of players around the similar servers. SEA will get the equal opportunity for a fresh beginning with the addition of a new server.

Server Consolidation/Merge Schedule: Upkeep on Tuesday, 13/03 *.
* The schedule for the server merge might change based on the progress produced around the day.

The server merge will target all of the present servers.
Every single merged server will be classified as a "Legacy Server."

EU Region
■ Duprian / Lunedill / Icarus / Muren → Zephiros Legacy Server

US Region
■ Muspell / Lenavis / Anilata / Dullahan → Sezak Legacy Server

SEA Area
■ No, merge for Ohrdor, however, it will come to be a legacy server.

Launch Schedule of New Servers with Spellbinder Release: Upkeep on Tuesday, 20/03.
Want a fresh start? New servers will likely be opened on 20/03, providing players a chance to start over using a clean slate (if they want it). Are you ready to rush towards the best of leaderboards?
We invite you to take note of the following information for every game feature that could be affected (or not) by the server merge.
Every feature is divided into two categories under: "Reset" (canceled/cleared for the new server) and "Transferred" (data carried and relocated because it was in the old towards the new server).

Probably the most significant facts have been placed in the top rated of this list.
Account Storage: Reset -> Only a single account storage will remain (the one particular together with the most current login).
All stored items on other servers will probably be reset.
Rankings: All rankings are going to be reset

Trade Broker:
Registered Items: To enable for the server merge, the registration of items won't be offered from 06/03 to 13/03 (following the maintenance).
Unreceived Sales: Items that didn't sell or the Mu legend Zen from sold items are going to be delivered to players' mailboxes.

Guild Name: Transferred -> Inside the case of duplicated guild names, once the guild leader connects to their new server, they'll be capable of modify the name of their guild.
All leaders of guilds with duplicated names will get 1 "Guild Name Change" scroll at no cost.

Guild member information, guild level, guild announcements, advantages, funds, trophies, contribution assessment, authority -> Transferred.

Guild Territory: Reset -> Season 0 from the Faction War will end, and territory allocation is going to be reset. The very first complete season with the Faction war will commence on 22/03!

Presently Joined Guild: Transferred.

Applied Guild: Reset -> Name of your guild may have to become confirmed on the new servers.

Those wishing to apply will have to do so a second time.

Faction War

Faction War Progress: Reset -> Season 0 from the Faction War will end, and territory allocation will probably be reset. The very first comprehensive season of the Faction war will commence on 22/03!

Intensification Stones: Reset ->, Please do not make use of the Intensification Stones NPC beginning from Saturday, March 10th.

The Rift

Overdrive Gauge: Reset.

Character Slots

Cost-free Character Slots: All characters are going to be transferred as they are (i.e., all characters will keep their parameters and names as they were on the prior servers -> no modifications).

You can find 3 totally free slots readily available on the Legacy servers - as much as ten slots if you have unlocked additional slots on the earlier servers.

In case you've additional characters across all servers then you can find slots available around the merged server, probably the most recently used characters will occupy unlocked slots.

On the other hand, for those who delete a character or in the event you unlock a different character slot, the next most not too long ago applied character will grow to be readily available and occupy the new slot.

MU Legend will maintain all data with regards to your characters.

Mu Legend Spellbinder Will Coming on March 20th, 2018

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