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MU Legend Sieges in the Korean version

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Webzen introduced the siege system into the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend for a long time, however, due to the difficulties associated with translating from the Korean language and accessing the game, we were able to get more specific information about this system only now. As already announced on the G-STAR 2016, the siege system will be slightly different from the usual sieges in other MMORPGs, like, for example, ArcheAge or Black Desert. The system of sieges in MU Legend can be safely called a system of tournaments, the winner of which receives the treasured territory, which has good bonuses. But this does not mean that only the winning guild will have territorial bonuses. Simple players will also be able to access bonuses from the territory, using a system of followers. You can read about this in our small survey about the siege system in MU Legend.

MU Legend Sieges in the Korean version

Sieges in the Korean version
In the Korean version of MU Legend, a siege system has been introduced for a long time, however, due to the difficulty in accessing and translating, it was possible to obtain any material only now. It is worth noting that the siege in the MU Legend is very different from the ones we used to see in other games. I would not even call them sieges, but tournaments for territories. Naturally, the owner of the territory receives significant bonuses for his guild; however, if in other MMORPG sieges pass, either in the open world or in a small instance where there is a castle that must be protected or seized, then in the heiress of MU Origin the so-called sieges Pass in the form of tournaments.
Tournaments are held every two weeks from Friday to Sunday in Korean time. On Friday, a preliminary registration starts, where the leaders of the guilds choose the territory they want to conquer. After the registration is over, the system forms tournament grids up to 16 guilds in each, then on Saturday at a certain time during the 30-minute period, the guild leaders need to confirm participation in the tournament. Tournaments take place on the system of Single Elimination, that is, if you lose at least one match, then you take off from the tournament. The winner of the tournament becomes the owner of the territory, however, if the owner of the territory at the time of the tournament is any guild, the winner of the tournament in the internal match will fight with the current owner of the territory.
Above, I gave an approximate description of the system of tournaments in the MU Legend. In fact, it may be somewhat different, since there are small difficulties with the translation from the Korean language. In addition, the system can be changed in the future by the developers themselves.
How do the matches go? As it became clear from Korean video, the match is 60vs60 in the big arena. You must, within a certain time, receive a certain number of points by capturing points and destroying the opponent's characters. The head of the guild before the match gathers you in the raid group, which later takes part in the tournament.

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