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MU Legend Staff Worm Mine 5th Stage

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If you set the cool sense to only about 30%, you can do the same with the Video in different steps.If you put Garnett Jewel or Gleisha's Sword (Produced) Demon Summoner (100,000 mu legend Zen), it is more convenient to be high-profile.

Skill setting
q: propulsion explosion (explosion in place + hiding after move)
w: Death's dancing position (instant movement + damage from the movement point in a fan shape, moving back to the original position within 2 seconds)
e: Flame Curtain (damage damage + dots)
r: Indiscriminate Fury (Invincible during casting damage + casting)
t: Hallucination Pollution (Mana regeneration if you hit damage + mob)

Mu legend Stage 1
When you first start, you go as fast as possible with the dancing dance of death + explosion of propulsion + returning death.
There is a bug that sometimes does not open the door if you use propulsion explosion twice.
Fire in front of the key firing firewood + death dancing + death indiscriminate + psychedelic pollution + propulsion explosion + flame tent
After you have written it, you will run away and use it as it comes back to your skill.
It is better to put a little bit between each skill.

Mu legend Stage 2
There is a part where the mobs can not walk and pass through before the key is released.
We leave one of the driving force or dance dance here in order to meet the crowd.
Skeleton archers are summoned when they go to the key fringe.
I skip the skeleton archers coming out later and go to three gates.

Mu legend Stage 3
Box? Before the operation, the skeleton archers come out.
Flame Curtain + Psychedelic Pollution + Indifferent Enough to catch mobs before they spread.
If you get the key, you can grab it like 1 ~ 2 gate.

Mu legend Stage 4
Two grains are collected and then grabbed like one or two gates.

Mu legend Stage 5
You can grab it like one or two gates.After the key is caught, the rest of the monsters can easily take it to the boss room with the flame tab.

When the boss attack is over and a little bit later,
You can not fit one, but it's hard to match the timing.
And the street is a little off the boss, so it's not on the circle.
It is best to chew on the extinction, but if you are too sick
You can also use it for boss chewing.
If you spread the distance over a certain distance, you jump, but if you hit the jump, it will hurt you.
I have a lot of trouble finding or collecting party members.
I wish I could help a little bit more.

Mu Legend Blader Peeping Tips

For the bladder setting, some bladder will have the DPS through the sky, Some bladers are more likely to be inferior.No matter how much the finger difference, but the deal difference is severe,We will solve the question.

How to set Mu Legend skill reappearance 50 off

The stats explanation says that the maximum reappearance is 50%, so when the reappearance is 50%, I wondered how the sentence or set effect is applied.


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MU Legend Ranking System Information

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Mu legend in game Currency

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