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Mu legend War Mage Guides and Tips for Beginners

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The War Mage makes use of strong magic powers to destroy enemies around the battlefield. Despite the fact that his defense is low, his attack powers are adequate to produce him a fantastic harm dealer. He is versatile sufficient to respond to different scenarios, creating him involved and consequently the hardest class to master in MU Legend. His staff is largely utilized for ranged attacks, and when he couples his magic sword with his secondary weapon, the grimoire, he can deal melee attacks. In this way, he is usually made use of for both close and long-range damage dealing. If you want a hybrid character that utilizes highly effective magic, the War Mage might be excellent for you personally.

Mu legend War Mage Guides and Tips for Beginners

Possibly can obtain ancient stuff with all the income you get in the questing to 65
Sword - fantastic sword (i think that was its name) that has prefix mp expense and ask (reroll the last stats to become crit rate). should you get ancient dragon sword with crit rate/crit dmg/Atk, it is even greater, but it really is not worth to waste revenue and hope for luck around the stats, put the two.5% crit rate stone on the sword
Book - I suggest having the ancient book with crit rate/elite boss dmg/Cdr. Should you can not just obtain the 1 with prefix stat mp price reduction and the other two stats crit price and elite/boss dmg
gloves - dragon pattern gloves (excellent ancient gloves with citrate/crit dmg and reroll ATK for third stats)
shoulders - archmage (mp price reduction and Atk prefix and you need to reroll if they don't have cdr)
best - the ancient robe that offers you elite/boss dmg (reroll the final stats to be cdr)
bottoms - explorers (you may need Atk right here, evasion, as well as other stats, are optional)
boots - any ancient boots with cdr and Atk (avoidance is voluntary you do not want it)
helm - any old helm with crit Rate/Cdr/Atk
the boots and helm will be the hardest to acquire with all necessary stats (I suggest crafting the ancient helm from sky temple that has prefix cdr stat and hopes to get Atk or crit rate and reroll the third stats, it'll price you around 8k magic gems to purchase mats for the craft I believe)
Jewelry - archmage earing (I think that was with cdr prefix stats, you may need Atk and crit dmg too.
Nevertheless, it cannot get them all, just aim for Atk), the ancient necklace with mp cost reduction prefix and chaser ring which has 20% beast dmg (great for epic dungeons) attempt to get cdr and ATK as solutions also. You must put +atk imprints on every single item, and beast gems (except sword and shoulders which have other stones)

As you see essentially the most vital stat is cooldown reduction, crit price, elite/boss dmg, and ATK. With these items, you are going to have 20% mp reduction which can be enough to sustain higher cooldown reduction and reset the skills
Place 30 points in wellness (required should you do not have superior dl or your party will not be sturdy sufficient, perfect for new characters Mainly because of aids survivability), place 60 points in CDR, it is a will have to at 90 soul points. It offers you not simply fantastic % cdr but also probabilities to reset skills which happens really often with you making use of skills with DOT.
With good crit price rolls on sword/book/helm, you are going to have around 17% crit rate that is sufficient for a beginning. Your Cdr will go more than 40%. Atk near or over 3000 (depends should you have the costume and which pet you got). In my opinion, don't enchant ancient stuff, but when you make a decision to accomplish it, enchant just the sword (given that it offers most Atk).
With so high stats in cdr, the war mage is invincible vs. group mobs (only boss region Atk can kill you if you're not cautious).

Expert skills - the one with the passive that offers -20% defense, glacier prison, and the single with all the passive +5% cdr

You need glacier prison in case you never have great dl to pull and keep the offended on all the mobs mainly because elites in epic dungeons 5 will get easily one-shot you if they appear at you (to not talk that with ancient unenchanted gear you happen to be under 1000 defense)
Artifact - Frenzy (the most effective object of war mage, the dot dmg maxes it inside a second) I've observed frozen heart performs really fine. But you might have to understand how to dodge all of the DMG simply because based only on potions along with the 30 overall health talent to heal is hard for new players). And with the frozen heart on 30+, your crit rate is going to be insane. Pretty superior for boss fights too because you dodge many of the dmg there. Not advised for new players even though, for the reason that you'll be able to quickly run out of potions and Mu legend zen to get them.
Skills - Blades/Clutches (use when the other skills are on cd), Hallucinatory (a need to skill), Bloodfest (ought to skill), Fire Curtains (should talent), Glacier Prison/Blinding Blizzard. Mana Racer does far more dmg than Blizzard but expenses lots of mana, and Blizzard does extra DOT which can trigger the cdr talent). Teleport (an ought to talent).

So how you fight. For those who never have a functional group, never care due to the fact you'll be able to be invisible. With high cdr.
Start out the fight with Fire Curtain
- Hallucinatory
- Fire Clutches
- Bloodfest into the group of mobs which tends to make you invincible
- instant teleport out from the team this tends to make dmg too (not as well far)
- you happen to be stealthed, so you drop the offended if with party
- Blades/Fire Clutches - Fire Curtain
- Glacier prison close to the mobs so they take dmg (the purpose you do not teleport far)
- teleport out with the group
- Fire Curtain - Blades/Fire Clutches
- Bloodfest (cast Hallucinatory as soon as it is out of cd). If your skills reset due to the 60 points talent in cdr, thrown Hallucinatory and Bloodfest initial.
And it goes like this. Given that your teleport stealths you instantaneously, Bloodfest and Glacier prison gives you invincibility, with higher cdr you are merely invincible. When all skills are around the cd, spam Blades/Clutches. Blades recover your mana quicker and using the mp reduction expense on a number of your items, you'll hardly go out of mana. If you're not fighting elites that may get 1 shot you, or have superior offended from dl, adjust Glacier Prison for Blinding Blizzard since you will do extra dmg as a result of the reduced cdr and dot. If you're new with the weak defense, in boss fights in case you cannot dodge the spins that the boss in Dragon Heaven epic 5 does together with the Bloodfest and Glacier prison, use Specter shield as opposed to Glacier Prison so you could stay close and use Blades/Clutches when the other skills are within a cd.

Following 90 points you'll be able to make a decision to go for 30 crit rate or 30 Atk. It depends, you get 30 crit rate for 3% crit rate, but in case you have around 17-18 % currently, I suggest getting 30 ATK 1st, even straight 60. I'm not at this stage on the game, but later with mystic gear and much more defense, the better celebration you might decide to drop the 30 points in health. And go for 60 cdr/60atk or one thing like this.
Some other recommendations - when you hit Level 65 do these every day missions on 5 - Fabrice, Mine, Luery, Rifts, standard mythic dungeon. When you have adequate mats from disenchanting items at reducing levels, you'll be able to identify only green items at 65 (never ever determine larger grade items that want magic gems to determine, disenchant those). Sell those green items. You are going to need the zen to purchase ancient items in the auction, also preparing the item for gems want zen as well. Crafting the crit price and cdr stones. The soul fragments needed to craft the crit rate and cdr stones is usually earned from the cubes you get from the boss in the dungeons (it really is listed in which dungeon it drops). You need to accomplish Pit Nightmare on normal difficulty to have the fragment for the stone from the boss cube. In case you have enough Powder sell even gems (except the beast gems you need for your items). When you don't possess a large number of mats from disenchanting, continue to disenchant, don't sell, because you will need to have these mats to reroll stats. Don't waste your imprints, better buy speedily your ancient gear and use it on it. In case you get out of mats and imprints, the game may come to be frustrating. Mythic dungeons are suitable for all those though in case you do it quite a bit. Don't waste zen to dress your skills or soul points. Just start off with what you'll play, go 30 wellness initially and then cdr.

Should you never know the mechanics of the epic dungeons, watch some video on youtube or do it at a single initial. Never go five devoid of being aware of what to complete. Do not waste your magic gems needlessly; you'll need them after you get mystics. That's the reason you ought to not enchant your ancient items except maybe sword. You can not sell those ancients once you get mystics. Craft the 50% beast dmg potion after you get started undertaking epic dungeons, you could craft 30% easier, but go for 50 %. Use these potions only for the final boss in the epic dungeons.

In the beginning, immediately after doing the day-to-day missions, craft the artifact that needs one particular fragment and equips it (do it only for the quest). Usually, do not set it as a cloning artifact. Commence doing Lupa's labyrinth solo on level 1. I've noticed whenever you do it at 1 for those who possess the object set as "growing," you seldom get a cube, but in case you do not have artifact as "growing", the boss drops cubes a lot more normally. You will need those cubes and quests from the labyrinth to craft your frenzy artifact. When in the labyrinth you get tons of soul exp, it does not matter which level you do it; the soul exp is just about the exact same. Use that potion for bonus soul exp; you get it from quests or login (not confident). Don't open boxes extra than when. Only boxes in the final epic boss are worth opening three instances (as well as the labyrinth ones, but at way higher levels). I consider it really is pointless to open even goblin cubes from rifts far more than once in the starting, for the reason that you will need zen (or just maintain them until you purchase ancient stuff). Later you'll be able to start out opening them 3 times for library's tickets. Undertaking Lupa's labyrinth at one particular as a war mage is easy. In the event, you have complications, since the aggro might beat you, just use the second teleport as opposed to glacier prison. That way mobs cannot touch you, and you will be flying. Glacier Prison is useless in labyrinth 1, use blizzard or much better second teleport. When fighting the boss, for faster and less difficult kill, use Specter Shield instead of second teleport and face him, just dodge his area attacks/magic skills with teleport/bloodfest and going around him. Skip levels with variety mobs, mobs that have "invincibility," two or additional mobs with "healing," "do good dmg on its killer," "ensnares its killer."

Do Blood Castle solo (it is way a lot easier), Endless Tower within the celebration, and Arena endeavor to get max wins for magic gems? Do those final given that they don't provide you with Mu Legend zen. After you purchase all your old gear, reroll great stats, you'll be powerful. Antique gear with fantastic stats is greater than mystic or set with undesirable stats.

All of that is for new players, who're about to get antique items. Ancient items are very cheap; in all probability new player can't afford my ones since they're way extra high-priced. And with old items, it is possible to start outperforming epic dungeons five quite promptly. 

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