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MU Legend War Mage re-set 45% setting

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Nova Server is called Arkel.
The repertoire is a setting that many people prefer, including the Dark Road.Skill sentence repercussions 5 fur, character self-inspired 45 fur, total 50 fur In other words, by reducing the half of the cooldown and bringing the repertoire to the soul,You can expect a high turnover by investing your soul in attacks or fatalities.

The above is my specification. 13% of rewards, 45% of reenactment is more than 3800 balls.
The soul has invested a life command of 30 (breathing), ATK 75. Click on the picture to see it in its original size.

Click on the picture to view it in its original size.

Since the items were reset at the check-up on March 30th, it is now easier to adjust the re-setting.
Recommended equipment
Weapon - [Ancient] Order Penetration Sword - Reign 4% (Fixed), Mana Cost 4% (Fixed), Random Option (Attack or Critical) (Fixed), Random Option (Myth) Soul Sword - Restore Life Command 408 (Fixed), Restore Life 2% (Fixed), Random Option
In case of order penetration swordsmanship, it is recommended to use it before the match. The auction house also has a low price, and since the item option reset has come out in the meantime, it seems that you can set it according to your preference in the random option. Sealed sword is fixed in attack power and mana cost. Here you can expect a good deal when you start out. The sword of the soul is associated with the important survival of the sword. When you use the soul sword, you can invest 30% of the soul's life potency on the death chance, attack, and penetration.
(2) [Ancient] Devil's Spellbook - Devil's Type Attack + 20% (Fixed), Random 2-Op (Reckless, Attack or attack or boss attack 1)
Ignorance - 5% (Fixed), Damage 81 (Fixed), Random Option (Reestablishment) - [Ancient, Myth] Dragon Hunter Clan Random 3 Options -

In the case of helmets, there is a lot of preference. If you want to increase your chances more, it is not too bad to try it with the random 3 option. If you want to go safely, you can also wear a Garuda ruler crown.
Robe of the Destroyer - Boss Attack 15% (Fixed), Random 2 Option (Attack, Reckoning) [Ancient] Robe of the Great Wizard - ATK 49 (Fixed), Mana Cost 5% (Fixed), Random Option (Myth) Robe of Fatigue - Boss Attack 20% (Fixed), Damage Reduction 1.5% (Fixed), Random Option (Reckoning) , Random option (reappraisal)

There are many choices in the same case. If you do not want to manage your mana, you can use the Mage Wizard Robe or the Great Wizard Robe. In addition to attacking 81 to attack the boss 15% to 20% I will use.5% (Fixed), Health 4950 (Fixed), Random Options (Damage)

This is not an option, but a necessity. I can also see it as a core because there is no reassembly on the pants itself.
Gloves - [Ancient, Mythical] Dragon Hunter Gloves (Non-Set) Random 3 Options - I have not seen reappraisal of chops, chippies, and attack gloves. If it sticks out, I would like to take 50%.
Shoe - [Ancient] Order Protective Shoes - Attack Power 97 (Fixed), Damage Reduction 1.5% (Fixed), Random Option (Reckoning) [Myth] Sealed Leather Shoes - Attack Power 135 (Fixed) , Random option (reappraisal)

Although it is an ancient system, the fixed option attack power is almost the same as the myth system. The remainder that is maximal than the myth system is 1% short, but the caustic rain is good.
Earring - [Ancient] Great Wizard Earring - Reinforcing 4% (Fixed), Mana Cost 4% (Fixed), Random 2 Option (Reckless, Chipi, Attack Required) [Myth] Media Magical Earring - Reinforcing 5% (Fixed), Mana Cost 5% (Fixed), Random 2 options (chippy, attack) [Myth] Eyes of Forgotten Dragon - Boss Attack 20%, Life 10%, Evasion 5%, Random Option
Necklace - [Ancient, Myth] Dragon Hunter Necklace Random 4 Options - (Reckon, Chipi, Attack Required) [Myth] Forgotten Slaughterer - Boss Attack 20%, Life 10%, Random 2 Options
Ring - [Ancient, Myth] Dragon Hunter Ring Random 4 Option - (Reckon, Chipi, Attack Required) [Myth] Full of life ring - 10% life, 4950 life, 5%

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How to set Mu Legend skill reappearance 50 off

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