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MU Online Lorencia which was the starting zone

Mu2zen Date: Dec/21/16 01:46:18 Views: 1362

Honestly this feels disappointing. I used to play Mu Legend Online a LOT during my childhood and one of the things that really appealed to me was the dark fantasy/themed feel it had, something really weird in a korean rpg because they usually go to a super colorful high fantasy theme.

MU Online Lorencia which was the starting zone

Yet in Mu Legend Online, Lorencia, which was the starting zone, was a run-down village in a land which seemed to be at night eternally. Then you had Devias, a pretty grim-looking snowy land with giant yetis with 4 arms. And the zones just kept getting darker from Dungeon to Lost Tower.


When i am saying with the grafix i mean the issues you have with the loading and stuff. And i am not that i am here to support the game, i am just saying (i also ask the guys in the guild i am in if they have same issues).. I will agree that that some things are coming again and again (questing, mobs ect ect). But also some parts of the game are interesting and i wanna see in future AMMORPGs. Like the skill system is very good. End game dungeon and that the drops are mostly crafting that you need for the end game gear i think is working pretty well. Also the pvp looks that have good potential.. I had a lot of fun. Closing i wanna say that i had more fun after hitting 65 than while lvling. Need a lot of work and if it is free to play if the fix some issues it will be worth trying it again


Ps 2: No one mention about the populution in the game.. That was a good thing and a bad thing also.. Good thing becuase i always find groups to go to instances and pvp and a bads thing becuase of crowded citys was so laggie that was really frustrated!


Ps3. 1 more thing that was worth saying is the system they have for group up in queues.. i will make and example to understand how it works. I am lvl 50 and i am queue for a dungeon. The estimate time lets say 2 mins.. If you pass  this time, the system auto looking for a bigger range in lvl so it start looking ofr ppl  much lower and and bigger lvl than you. That is really helpful and dont destoy your game( We had a lot of games in the past with really bad grp making, with same heroes in the party, or the lvl been completly wrong)

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MU Legend Feature and Character Customization and gameplay

Character customization was a bit meh. The intro game play and character was kind of cool. In the land of ARPG's, I'm hoping this one can stand out from the rest. We already had 3 this year come and fall.

I guess you know nothing about MU Online

You need to know that this is rework + upgrade of the old version of the looks f-ing awesome for someone who played the MU Online for few years like me.


Gameplay for the class MU Legend Emphasizer

Emphasizer became available in the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend, and players are already heavily evaluating this formidable character. Therefore, we decided to record for you a video with the game process for this class.


Mu legend will likely be re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction feature in the Auction Home

This Thursday, November 30th, from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. GMT (2 hours), Mu legend is going to be performing upkeep so that you can re-enable the Mu legend Zen transaction function inside the Auction Property.


I guess you know nothing about MU Online

You need to know that this is rework + upgrade of the old version of the looks f-ing awesome for someone who played the MU Online for few years like me.


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