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Set for the high-stage labyrinth solpeul mu legend bladder

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99-stage 100 gauge video to show the lesson of greed = resurrection stone The true bosom of the labyrinth is a distant mob. If you do it, you die!



For the first time item matching, it is recommended to set the labyrinth for "Soleil"
Now, I'm going to change my mind.If you think that it will be new from the beginning to the labyrinth, it seems to match this.If it's not a hysteretic setting, it's a hit, and I think it's really inefficient now.I think I'm going to throw it away.It's a setting for solfel. If you set it as it is, it is 0% and it may be chewed up every time you support the party;
Weapons - Forgotten Heroes (Scion, Ball, Ball), Forgotten Dragon's Teeth (Ball,Head - Forgotten Tribe (Speed, Reattachment, Ball)Top - dragon hunter (avoidance, reappraisal, raw or ball or sight)Under - Garuda General (avoidance ball pigam), the powder is low (avoidance, Beast variation chudem), for hunters (avoidance, raw or balls or pigam )Shoes - dragon hunters (evasion, reappraisal)Shoulder - red pattern (skin, reappraisal)Gloves - Devil Gimmick (Dictation, Blood or Blood), Destroyer (Blood, Blood, or Ball )Earring - Forgotten dragon's eye (evasion, bloom, life, ball or re-enactment or ball), dragon hunter (reappearance, ball, life,Necklace - Slaughterer (skin, body, reflex, ball, or ball), dragon hunter (reappearance, ball, life, ball)Ring - Overflowing life (life, ball, reappearance), dragon hunter (reappearance, ball, life,Additional, if possible, top, bottom, shoe, head,All items sub-op 1st rank crowd control


Set for the high-stage labyrinth solpeul mu legend bladder


This is the setting for the labyrinth "Soleil". The setting is not considered for the party.I would add if there are any people who may misunderstand.

This is my spec, and I focused on reappraisal, avoidance and vitality.Soul ability is reestablished 60, vitality 30 fixed rest, ball, room, evasive day mood that dayArtifacts are rainbowYoung potion is vitality
The more the labyrinth comes up, the more likely it is to survive and not wake up.So, reaping, putting gloves into the glove, life force gloves, attaching vitality to some parts of the attack forceI invested in survival and went to setting once I live.
When you die the most in the labyrinth, you die.You can keep it with a python, avoid it,I set it like this when I thought that only one of the three would succeed.
If you set about 40% of the reappearance, if you are the eldest daughter, it is not possible to reach 6 ~ 7 seconds by rushing - salvation - rushing.Dash - Furious Anger - Dash - Salvation - Dash I have linked this way, and the same kind of crowd controllerI do not think Stern is cheaper or diminished.
It is common for people who set up with a general ball, chest,Please invest a little in survival. The labyrinth is not a place where you can not get away with a deal. The labyrinth is a place to break if you die.It's 40, 60 or 100. That's it. Filling the gauge anyway is a lot worse than my deal.
The best labyrinth strategy is not to dissolve in a huge deal but to keep the gauge% moderately and to live and search for a honeymoon.

Skill tree for gaugeThe steel armor is used to change the mood of the day with a resolute determination or a furious anger

Boss I Skill TreeThe reason for the bloody plunder was handed skill jungen the motion is shorter bosses skill to avoid ease, absorbate also seemed to be helpful as much as pelletsIt is much more helpful than the boss.There's no time limit and no widespread boss! I can hold it all day, so I do not want to leave.If you have spare time, it would be much better if you prepare a bos only twin (breathing + fast speed)
I think this is the only tip.Holy Recovery Potion is a potion for bladder! If you go to the labyrinth, you'll be OK !! ProduceI now have my Piglet + Elixir + Anger Ridgeline Piglet 300,000, and when I eat sacred potions, I recover 30,000 per second.When you are challenging the labyrinth, make sure to bring it!I can only save Namuram's period with Fabrice Ilquena cash, but the sacred potions do not really matter.If you look at the warehouse, you'll have hundreds of holy water steps.You can upgrade it to the second level of holy water and buy it by buying jewelry powder.
Make sure you get the leash out by type.Elixir material also comes out well in mythology dungeon, so I can not afford it.I made it all by kind of 90 degrees, and I changed it every time I went to the room.Still, the material is still overflowing.

MU Legend Whisperer operation magnetic field of pain

use three kinds of skill to absorb / decelerate / wide.Absorption is used for the utility & passive to collect mobs, Width is used for basic passive (8% speed) rather than buff Lastly, slowing is not really necessary for passive (it increases by 2 points of defense but it is up to 5 nesting).The magnetic field is more of a mob than it is to write, so if you spend it with trees, you can get a better deal than you think.

Mu legend Cube acquisition items summary

MU Legend is the official follow-up to Mu Online - one of the first 3D MMORPGs in South Korea. Like its predecessor, MU Legend is developed by the Korean gaming company Webzen Games.this article list item name, fixed option in temple of the expanse,Heath Mine,Nightmare hell dungeon for mu legend class

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MU Legend Item options by prefix / suffix

Mu legend Items are determined by the combination of prefix + suffix, For example, when a dragon hunter swords a big sword and a sharp tiger risesSharp (Tough) + Tiger (Chippy) Dragon Hunter Great Sword comes out, so it becomes a top-quality sword.There are rules here.


Endless Tower Obtain Growth Mu legend Items to Grow Your Wings

Wings are very essential in MU Legend, permitting you to alter your look and enhance your combat power. To be able to make them stronger, you should obtain the necessary Mu legend items inside the Endless Tower. Players at Lv. 65 can enter it from the Area of Duty, and it's only readily available two instances every day, so it's critical to run it every single day


Blader | the crazy fighters of Mu Legend and destroys the enemy

A blader who can experience a fierce battlefield vigorously is a representative warrior of Mu Legend who rushes to the enemy base with fast maneuvers and destroys the camp. He was blinded by anger and pursued power, and he was able to play a role from near dealer to tanker.


MU Legend Dungeons System Guides

As you play via the game, you are going to encounter plenty of different types of dungeons, each and every serving a unique objective in MU Legend. You are going to come across Typical Dungeons, the basic dungeons which are cleared through the course of quests, as you level up and advance via the story.

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