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If by chance your buy appears questionable, the Mu legend seller will need some supporting files. Additionally, it leaves you with a sense of injustice in addition to a breach of your privacy. All stores have different policies on those safety tests and for, we urge the following best methods to prevent inconveniences.Stop by's Official Website

The Way to Spend Less on MU2ZEN.COM

As you all know, I'll remain franc, as it's my habit. I've made it a point to not purchase, fearful that it could be discovered by MJ... In relation to MU2ZEN's matches, they're a vendor that I certainly trust and rely on a regular basis for my own personal and business purchases.

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Launched in 2016, the store is most likely among the earliest Cd key revenue website there is. MU2ZEN began their company be offering the purchases and sales of 'zen'. The 'zen' that's stated here is that the various currencies used in many MMORPG's. With the advent of games such as mu legend, MU2ZEN managed to set itself as a digital currency dealer. They were quite popular and well recognized from the area of gold sellers.

MU Legend Labyrinth Boss catch

In MU Legend Labyrinth have 7 boss: Margarine, Pamela, Aris, Betty, Edouard, Vacheronde, Theophil, this article will take about how to kill those boss.There are a total of 70 cases in total before the boss.In the case of the plate , the rest is the same kind, so I will only talk about ice

Mu legend Celebrates the Success of the Stress Test

MU Legend may be the next-gen ARPG MMO, slated to go in outdoors beta phase on November seventh, 2017. While using the stress test effectively completed, the technical team will focus on modifying the setup chilling out servers when using the data received. The preparation continues for your month of October.

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Mu Legend OBT Will be release November 7th 2017

Hi Mu legend Fans,Webzen published Mu Legend OBT Will be release November 7th 2017, and All available users have been invited to take part in a stress test, under the hashtag "#Breakourserver", intended for September 23rd.


mu2zen:How to Get MU Legend Wings and Mounts and Upgrade Gameplay

MU Legend offers a fun amount of cosmetic items like costumes, wings, pets, and mounts to help you look as awesome as you feel.


MU Legend Staff Worm Mine 5th Stage

If you set the cool sense to only about 30%, you can do the same with the Video in different steps.If you put Garnett Jewel or Gleisha's Sword (Produced) Demon Summoner (100,000 mu legend Zen), it is more convenient to be high-profile.


Blader Skill Guide for Mu Legend the beginners

The Blader is MU Legend's fiercest warrior, adept in promptly and brutally dispatching enemie.The Mu legend Blader are three type of skill:Weapon skills,Class skills,Professional skills and if you need to Purchase mu legend zen go through the skill upgrade method or have some other challenge to play mu legend.

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