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Unique MU Legend item option summary

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There are articles that summarize the emotion options below.If you get sick, listen to your brother Gillard, I tried to rearrange myself.For item emotion, this is the place where marble stones go.
It's hard for me to feel the item.I tried to sort out all the items, but I'm sure they're missing.Please let us know by comment and we will update it.

1. All mu legend items are made up of 3 main options / 2 secondary options
The option I wrote is a unique option, except for the random option.
If you put one of the unique ops, the two are random options, of course,
Only one auxiliary option pops up randomly
2. The trinkets are only four main options; if the trinkets have a secondary option, that's a unique option.
In this case, the main options will be reduced to three, that is, four ornaments are combined with the main + auxiliary. 
3. The exception is the shield of the Dark Lord giant, but if you do not know why,
There is only one random option, one less option than the other.
I do not know why. Let's not use that shield.
Unique MU Legend item option summary
Large Cleansing Blunt 126
Ancient giant's large blunt chippy 24%
Xinhua Doom Pine Giant Hammer               Attack 10% / Attack 216
Ancient Armor Destroyer's Blunt             4% for security / 4% for security
Ancient Sacred Scepter 169
Ancient Mithril Scepter                    4%
Xinhua Knight Scepter                    10% off / Life 4950
Shinhwa Slaughterer's Shield              10% of the blind / 20% of the skin
Ancient Giant's Shield                    8% (option is one less, mangemem number 1)
Destroyer of mythical blood            Exposure 5% / Death 5% (estimated blood -> blood ota) 
Mythical Holy Light Armor           Devil Attack 25% / Devil Touch 5%
Mythical Giant Horned Armor           Life 4950 / Look 2%
Ancient Crusader's Armor                 Devil Attack 20% / Devil Touch 4%
Ancient Double-Handed Interrogation Armor               Fire attack 20% / Fire attack 4%
Ancient greed leg armor Zen 8% (secondary option)
Mythical Knight Helm                  10% off / Life 4950
Ancient Giant Bone Helm               1.5%
Helm of ancient trust                  8%
Mithril Shoulder Armor of Forgotten Knights Reward 5% / 20%
Pauldrons of Ancient Elements         Hit 4%
Pauldrons of Ancient Trust              8%
Legend of the Forgotten King        10% membrane / 10% life
Gauntlets of Ancient Ancient Heroes          15% of the skin / life 4455
Gauntlets of the Ancient Crusader             Devil Chuppy 105 / Devil Attack 20%
Wristwraps of Ancient Elements               Attack 4% / Attack 81
Ancient Fighting Gauntlets               Chipie 12% / Attack 5%
Mythical Silver Bracing Gauntlets 15% Chip / 5% Attack
Mythical Knight Gauntlets               20% of the skin / life 4950
Xinhua Devian Boots              Worth 5% / ATK 135
Boots of the Ancient Sharpshooters              Hit 4%
Ancient Soul Hunter's Foot Guard 8% / Soul 8%
Boots of Ancient Magical Knight           Between 8% and 1.5%
Boots of the Ancient Crusader              Immortality 4% / Devil touch 4%
Myths forgotten dragon teeth           Attack 5% / Attack 108
Sword of ancient stone           Attack 4% / Attack 85
Greatsword of the Forgotten Hero        25% of the skin / damage 216
Ancient Drakans Greatsword              Cheetah 8%
Ancient Hunter's One-Handed Sword           Beast 85
Ancient Beast Hunter's Greatsword        The Beast 169
Xinhua Leather Breastplate                  Chipie 15% / ATK 81
Ancient Beast Chaser Breastplate Beast attack 20% / Beast attack 4%
Ancient Madness Breastplate              Chipie 12% / Attack 49
Mythical Gargoyles Breastplate           Beast attack 25% / Beast attack 5%
Ancient Dragonplate Breastplate                 Beast touch 4%
Xinhua powder tribal gaiters         Beast attack 25% / Mutant attack 25%
Ancient Protective Order Gaiters            Attack 49 / Feeling 1.5%
Xinhua Garuda General's Leggings         Attack 81/2%
Legendary Beast Attack of the Ancient Beast Chaser Attack 20% / Beast Attack 105
Ancient hunter's gaiters           Beast Head 64 / Beast 4%
Ancient Reddish Swordcloth          Nutrition 446/15%
Ancient Trainer's Spaulders           Beast attack 20% / Beast attack 4%
Mythological steps                Life 4950 / Look 2%
Ancient Hunter's Legguards    Beast attack 20% / Beast attack 4%
Mythical Demon Grips          20% of the body / 324 of the evil spine
Gauntlets of Ancient Destructors          15%
Shinhwa Bamboo Pile Wristlet            Beast Height 180 / Attack 135
Ancient Beast Hunter's Gloves       Beast Head 105
Ancient Bone Decoration Cloak 1.5%
The mask of the ancient time ruler       However,
Myths Mask of Forgotten Tribe       Attack 5% / ATK 81
An ancient hunter's mask         Hit 4%
A bow that breaks an ancient barrier         However,
Myth Piercing Shadow Bow         10% of damage / damage 216
Ancient Ancient Wingen            Reward 4% / Attack 65
Mythical dragonfly wing gun        Reward 5% / Attack 108
An ancient condemnation bow              Beast, immortal, mutant type Sukpye 126 (Sangem Number 2)
Ancient Protective Winggan            1.5%
Shinhwa Shadow Phantom Tunic         Critical Rate 5%, Damage 81
Mythical Karol Kingdom Tunic           Magic damage 25%, magic damage 5%
Ancient Tunic of IllusionMagical touch 4%
Ancient Flame Elemental Tunic        Insect type 4% / insect damage 64
Scales for mythical scales           Life 10% / Seeing 2%
Tides of ancient earth           Life 8% / Graduation 446
Tides of the ancient spirit           Life 8%
Ancient Golden Headband               Xen 8% (secondary option)
Ancient Destructor's Headband          15%
Ancient blooded headband         However,
Mythical Carol Kingdom Headband         20%
Mythical Dark Spirit Headband      5% of the speed / 5%
Xinhua Shadow Phantom Shoulder strap      Ball 5% / Life 4950
Ancient Armor of the Earth         Breeding 446 / Plant attack 20%
Ancient Wind Spirit Shoulder strap        4% rate of life / life 4455
Ancient Blessing Gloves           Life 4455 / Attack 81
Ancient Hunter's Gloves     Beast Attack 20% / Beast Shoot 105
Mythical Gargoyles Leather Gloves     Enchanting 5% / ATK 135
Mithril Spirit Blessing Gloves     Life 4950 / Attack 135
Ancient fairy shoes             Between 8% and 4%
Myths Sealed Time Staff      Reduced Cooldown 5% / Attack 216
Myth Soul Sword                Mob treatment 2% recovery / 495
Staff of the ancient time ruler      However,
Staff of ancient order              Mutation attack 126
The myth of the Forgotten Resurrection      Ball 5% / Life 4950
Mythical Seal                Deadline 5% / Attack 108
An ancient diversionary sword                Deadline 4% / Attack 65
Ancient Order Penetration             4% of revenge / 4%
Ancient Devil Hunter's Sword         Demon Squrap 85
Summon an ancient demon                Devil Attack 20%
Ancient elite mystery book     Deadline 4%
Shinhwa Media Magical Association Pants    5% of life / 4950 life
Ancient Explorer's Pants            Borderline 8% / Advanced item acquisition 4% (secondary option)
Ancient Magic Resistance Pants           Deadline 4% / Magical Touch 4%
Ancient Explorer's Pants            Variable Type
Mysterious Forgotten Pants    Deadline 5% / Magical look 5%
Mythical Robe             20% of the skin / 2%
Mythical Mage Wizard Robe          Deadline 5% / Attack 81
Robes of Ancient Oste                Magic Attack 20% / Magical Touch 4%
Robe of the Ancient Destructor              15%
Ancient Great Wizard Robe              Deadline 4% / Attack 49
The ruler of the mythical Garuda tribe      Passing 5% / Attack 81
Crown of the ancient broken Garuda      Variable Type 105 / Advanced Item Acquisition 4% (Auxiliary Option)
Crown of the ancient space ruler 4% / Attack 49
Myth Forgotten Magic Shoulder Cover 5% / Attack 135
Ancient Great Wizard's Cover       Deadline 4%
Shoulderplates of Ancient Order            Mutation type attack 20% / Variation type attack 4%
Ancient Gloves                 4% / Chip 12%
Xinhua Sealed Dragon Leather Shoes         Attack 135/2%
Shinhwa Medea Magic Society Shoes      Between 10% and 10%
Ancient Wicked Shoes                 Hit 4%
Ancient leather shoes unknown        Between 8% and 8%
Ancient Order Protective Shoes             Attack 97 / Feeling 1.5%
Ancient Feather Necklace            Deadline 4%
Xinhua Slaughterer's Necklace 20% of the elixir / elite look 5%
Mythology Wyvern Soul                 Soul Experience 10% / Magic Attack 324 / Devil Touch 5%
Ancient Explorer's Necklace            Advanced items 4% (secondary option)
Xinhua Decoration Necklace              Life 10% / Seeing 2%
Ancient Mark's Necklace               Xen Acquired 10% (secondary option)
Ancient Dimensional Magic Necklace           However,
Ancient Feather Necklace           Deadline 4%
Ancient Survival Necklace              Life 8% / Feeling 1.5%
Ancient Wizard's Earrings              Deadline 4%
Earrings of Ancient Wizard           4% or 4% deadline
Ancient Battle Mage Earrings         Deadline 4% / Attack 97 / Life 4455
Myths of forgotten dragon eyes          20% of the skin / 10% of life / avoidance of 5%
Hourglass with a mythical time       5% of speed / 5% of speed / avoiding 5%
Ancient Giant's Necklace              Chipie 12%
Ancient Madness Earrings             Chipie 12%
Shinhwa Media Magical Society Earring Reward 5% / Deadline 5%
Xinhua Rugard New Earrings        Immortal, Devil, Variation Type 324 (Sangem Number 3)
Ancient Vibrating Earrings             However,
Ancient Lucky Earrings                Crowd Control 4% / Acquisition Radius 3m / Advanced Item 4%
Shinhwa absolute magic protection earrings       Immortal, devil, variant 5%
Ring of Ancient Protection                    Reduced damage 1.5%       
Ancient Swordsman Ring                 Plant height 126 / Plant attack 20% / Plant appearance 4%
The myths of forgotten dragon souls              Soul Experience 10% / Grace 495       
Ancient Soul Absorption Ring                Soul experience 8% / Grace 446
Ancient Chaser Ring                   Beast attack 20% / Beast attack 4%
Ancient Giant Ring                 Chipie 12%
Mythical Ring of Life           Attack 5% / Health 10% / Life 4950 
Xinhua Rugado's Ring           5% of immortality / immortality 324 / life 4950
Ancient Fighter Ring                    Life 8% / Graduation 446
Ring with myth flame              Plant attack 25% / Plant height 324 / Plant attack 5%
Ancient Blessing Ring                    4% of invincible / immortal 126 / life 4455       
Mythical Sealed Demon Ring            Immolation 5% / Devil Touch 5% / All Damage Reduction 2%
Shinhwa Golden Goblin Bracelet            Life 10% / Advanced Item 5% (Secondary Option) / Zen 10% (Secondary Option)
Ancient Blessing Ring                    Life 4455/4% of the enemy / immortal 126
Ancient Traveler's Ring                 Mutation attack 20% / Mutation mutation 126
Ancient Blessed Ring                Immortality, evil touch 4% / feeling 1.5%

MU Legend War Mage Recommended Skill Tree and Boss pattern

As much as 200 revived stones, We would like to inform you of the know-how accumulated through further drilling from the 42nd floor to the 100th floor.In the labyrinth room, regardless of the boss,It could be a yellow laser, an ice crescent, a clock, or a strange green.

Daily Dungeon Quest to farming Mu legend zen

ESC Press the Daily Quest on the left top bar to go through the mythical dungeon and collect Duukan's evidence. Now, there is only a set item helmet and glove, but afterwards it is patched with general myth system or unique option myth.If you have set items, keep them together and buy them all at once after the patch.A list of cubes to consume consecutively - except for this one, it is only one.


MU Legend Rift Guides for beginners

Rifts exist in numerous places across MU Legend and are very unstable.Whenever you enter 1 by way of a portal, you will be teleported to an unknown location.Each time you enter the Rift, the map will likely be determined at random.


Tips on how to Opt for a Trusted Mu Legend zen and redzen Seller devoid of Getting Scammed

After you search “Mu legend zen”, “Mu2 zen” or “buy Mu legend zen” in google, numerous final results will appear on your eyes. So you need to try your greatest to find a reputable web-site to prevent becoming scammed. To master the technique to distinguish scam from legit is quite crucial for you.


MU Legend Sieges in the Korean version

Webzen introduced the siege system into the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend for a long time, however, due to the difficulties associated with translating from the Korean language and accessing the game, we were able to get more specific information about this system only now.


Top Guide video for Mu legend achievement

Infinite Top Guide video for this achievement that must be cleared within 5 minutes Users are asking about the attack on the tower, and wrote this on the invitation. Most of it goes up to the 69th floor.You can check the bottom of the 69th floor by video.

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