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Ways to build a high Attack Mu legend Blader

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As a Mu legend blader, you'll need three primary stats = Crit rate, Attack and Crit dmg in that order. All items can roll attack stats but not a crit or dmg so appear for items that have attack stats and reroll the useless stat for crit or crit dmg, Duh xD

Ways to build a high Attack Mu legend Blader

The top items you could uncover are currently with this three stats, or they may be missing one particular that you can reroll.
In heroic dungeons, the final bosses are beast type so go for the beast dmg gems and make use of the crafted gems that give crit price or dmg for the weapon. If you can afford to possess beast dmg% gear and craft beast pots you are good to go there at Mystic 3+.

For Artifacts you may have three choices:

- The frenzy that uses at the moment, at the higher level with the artifact the dmg bonus is receiving quite excellent.

- The hysteria that also applies in some cases. The random crits do the massive quantity of dmg and can make it easier for down groups of mobs or boss overall health bars quick. Its ideal synergy with perfect crit rate and high 3k attack.

- Frozen heart it lacks the well-being reg but provides you a great deal of crit. I can propose this artifact only before you get ~22% crit rate from your gear.
And finally, the skills learned that two spins + the large three dmg spells perform remarkably for DPS output and repositioning at boss fights but this can be my individual opinion, and everyone has their style.

So to sum it up for you. Appear for old items and get at least 3k attack, 20% crit and 200% crit dmg. At this point, you'll be seeing loads of significant dmg cits on your screen, and you'll be content

Nicely for soul points, use 30 in wellness for the vamp impact, 60 in crit for the 6% crit price and all others in crit dmg.
For Talent: Cyclone, Sweep, Raging shout > Turning blow> Gravity Deflection, Dismember and Charge. Replace turning blow for rampage occasionally but possess the gem that boosts attack and use the talent to stun big groups of mobs. Raging shout and rolling bang decrease the target def by 30% and make your next ability to 50% much more dmg, so finish the combo with Gravity deflection. For positioning use charge to move away from boss Aoe's and cyclone to acquire behind the boss.

- Soul points: 30hp, 60def, 30eva
- Gear: focusing on att, crit price and Eva as key stats. As much elite/boss dmg (weapon, gloves, shoulder), then comes crit dmg and hp or dmg reduction if nothing else is rolling or readily available.
- Skills: cyclone+crush, charge for stun and or move, sweep (spin professional) for repositioning for the duration of the boss fight or to deal higher dmg quickly on groups but mostly for avoiding large attacks. The rest of the attacks are reversed rage+last ditch shield. Final is either earth cleaver or fierce rage for clearing packs, and on boss take one more buff sonorous rage or focused strike based on circumstance.
Basically what do is pop reversed+shield and just spin over almost everything pulled together additional or last all die.
- Artifact: largely frenzy, in some cases rainbow (in Lupa) kind of prefer frenzy

The build talked about is already outdated. Its fantastic at reducing cp levels but when you start outperforming epics five solo, and Lupa higher levels this build just can't keep you alive. If we mention the 3v3 nowadays the most beneficial option you have is to go complete def/eva/ 30 wellness build with redemption and reversed rage as a should have skills around the bar.
The finish game stats should look like a thing like this:
Attack: ~4000
Def: ~ 9-10 000 ( with set +7)
Evasion: 21~32%
crit: 20%
Crit dmg: 200-220%

In Article write process I fond a video to farming mu legend zen share it for you!


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