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What Happened in Mu legend 2017 and What’s Will come about in 2018

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End of year celebrations is often suitable to look back in the elapsed year but in addition to diving in the future. The stroke of midnight will ring inside a handful of hours, and we think it’s the ideal time to reflect on MU Legend. Now MU2ZEN shares with you What Happened in Mu legend 2017 and What’s Will come about in 2018. MU2ZEN as a professional Buy Mu Legend zen site offers safe, speedy and inexpensive Mu legend Power Leveling for you. Prices begin at Andriod, ios, Pc. With over ten years of excellence, we've served a huge number of clients. In the event you are hesitating where to buy Mu legend items, MU2ZEN might be a good choice.


What Happened in Mu legend 2017 and What’s Will come about in 2018


2017 inside a few words: What a year, my pals!
2017 started pretty intensely. Right after a productive CBT1 in English late 2016, we worked on preparing the initial localization of MU Legend in our covered languages. With more than 350.000 words to translate into five languages + the adjustments on the English version primarily based on feedback, we had received. That was a real endurance race! Our distinctive localization teams produced it come about in time, and that led to a smooth CBT2 in February. Some players that didn’t possess the opportunity to get pleasure from the game due to the language barrier before having been ultimately able to understand the game. Immediately after this week of information, we came residence having a significant smile on our faces, but additionally a long list of homework to complete.
Around the other side in the world, the game officially released in Korea. For the in-between months, the community continued to develop more extensive and more significant on Facebook, asking regarding the next testing phase. Though we sincerely wanted to be your summertime blockbuster, we had to face it, the fine-tuning we wished to perform plus the localization adjustments necessary for OBT have been just an excessive amount of and we had to delay our release.
In September, the headline hit the news, OBT release would take location early November, and to evaluate some a lot more the technical aspects of the infrastructure, we would launch an 8-hour stress-test. The player response was impressive:
Some minutes after opening, the server was complete, and it stayed like this for the entire duration in the stress-test.
With a lot more knowledge in the server setup, we could ultimately open the doors of MU Legend’s OBT a handful of months later. The success was even more significant than we could anticipate, very literally, top to lots of server openings within an initial couple of days. We also reached a significant milestone: one hundred.000 Facebook fans across the planet, and counting!
Naturally, such a release will typically possess a few hiccups, when there are rankings, there are usually a bunch of people today (not players) that neglect about fair-play and will do anything they will feel of to take advantage, not primarily based on their skills, but by cheating. Apparently, we also encountered the usual plague of MMO games: botters, cheaters, gold sellers. We had to take drastic actions to limit their impact on the early OBT. It was challenging, and as you almost certainly know, some legit players got caught inside the net. With all the frequent update of our tools, we were capable of providing an improved game atmosphere. And more and more botters are kept at bay. We are not minimizing our efforts, as we are committed to producing the MU continent an enjoyable spot. Several bugs have already been ironed out, and we're continuing the curation of our bug reports.
On best of the bug fixes, the initial couple of weeks saw the addition of your 3v3 PvP game mode and our initial thematic event for the end-of-year holidays.

What’s subsequent? A swift appears at 2018…

If you are an avid follower of our social networks, you could have heard that we are currently working on the next update: the Faction War Tournament!
This content will please all the guild masters, quenching their thirst for global domination, and their crew, eager to fight the near-by guilds.
We are gamers ourselves, and we understand how frustrating it might be to wait for content in your beloved-game. So, we've got good news; you will only have to wait a couple of weeks as this content material update is scheduled for January!
But let’s take the spyglass and appear even further now! A lot of essential landmarks are awaiting the MU Legend fans.
Our players are asking about her because the very first CBT: When can we play the Spellbinder (formerly known as the Emphasizer)? Inside the coming months, the players from the Global version of MU Legend might be capable of awakening the mystic powers from the Spellbinder.
But there’s extra. Later this year, it will be the time of open the doors of new territories and allow your beloved characters to discover and develop a lot more.
Well, naturally, invest numerous events with each other and celebrate MU Legend’s 1st anniversary.
To sum it up, 2017 has been a fascinating year, and when we are done together with the New Year’s Eve celebrations, we’ll operate harder than ever before to deliver a lot more content material for 2018.
Thanks for playing MU Legend, and see you for the subsequent coming years!

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Я сам изучаю игру, не полбзуясь сторонней информацией гайдами и т.д и т.п. всегда рад вашим коментариям, особенно обоснованным если я вдруг какой-то момент упустил.


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