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Whisperer | a powerful remote attacker

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Whisperer, the only female character and a powerful remote dealer, has the fastest movement and attack speed in the Mu Legend. Therefore, if the attack is excellent and the defense is weak but the distance is maintained, stable hunting is possible. 

The equipment used is a wing gun and a long wing, and the wing gun features two pairs of hands, one in each hand. Whisperer is capable of fast hunting thanks to its maneuverability and has a stronger aspect when facing a single entity than a range attack. So if you want to experience fast speed and powerful ranged attack, Whisperer is your best choice.

■ Whisperer, archer with fast movement and attack speed

Whisperer's arrows, which sweep through the battle field as fast as the wind, are said to quickly whisperer death by breaking the enemy' s breath. Compared to other characters, the speed of movement is significantly faster, so you can experience more speedy battles and powerful arrows based on agility can tell you how far the Whisperer is from a long distance dealer .


high maneuverability , it performs well in field progression and dungeon exploration, and performs better against single objects than range attacks, revealing its superiority against bosses. Although the defense performance is low, the survival rate is not low due to the quick action corresponding to enemy attack and the reduction of damage through avoidance. 

Although efficiency is a little lowered in a narrow place where maneuverability is difficult to make, even beginners do not feel much difficulty in nurturing because it shows the performance above and below the middle. Therefore, if you want to get all the speed of movement and attack, and the stability of the ranged character, I recommend choosing whisperer.

■ Skill information, excellent shooting skills to traps and hiding

With the advantage of ranged attack and quick movement, the Whisperer can easily use both wing guns and long- ranged weapons. All but two ranged weapons, equipment winggeon the one hand, Longbow is a two-handed device, wing cases open arms to use as a weapon. 


The wing guns have a relatively low attack power, but have a very fast attack speed and a short range, but they are advantageous in range attack. On the other hand, the ranged weapon is superior to the attack speed and has a greater efficiency in a single attack of long range. In other words, the wing gun is more effective for a single object than for a range.

Whisperer uses the weapon of the weapon to choose one of the 'through arrow', 'poison arrow', 'bundle', and 'wing gun' Can be used. Each Bow is via a specialized critical damage increased, and winggeon specialized to the additional effect of weakening the efficiency and increase the holding time is added. 

The 'penetrating arrow' literally penetrates the enemy and the arrows fly, so it can damage many straight enemies at the same time, and it has a staggering movement speed reduction effect. 'Poison arrow' is low self damage, but the poisoned state of the enemy to the ongoing damage to the occasional attack, the addition of poison comes up. And 'bundle' is a technique that can attack range by blowing several arrows at the same time. 


In the wing gun technique, "forward shooting" is a feature that the bullet fired by the shotgun covers the range damage and pushes the enemy with a certain probability to secure the distance. 'Flame Radiation' causes the enemy to ignite while sustaining damage in the front while sustaining an attack, There is a drawback that the range is short.

Whisperer's job skills, which are fast attacking, are the main attacking skills. They are 'Multi-shooting' ,which shoots a large number of arrows toward enemies in front, 'Rapid Shooting', 'Rapid Shot' is a charging skill that continuously consumes mana while casting, and it fires arrows continuously in a row. On the other hand, 'raid shooting' is a 2-second pile of arrows flicker, but the charge is not a charming skill, but the characteristics are maintained for a certain period of time.


In addition, 'electric explosion' can be used firstas an attack that causes abnormal state. The skill explodes and inflicts damage on enemies, reducing the movement speed of enemies within range. 'Condensed Shot' with enormous power isuseful for spreading distances from nearby enemies because it pushes the enemy continuously.

The trapper greatly reduces the movement speed of the target, while the ' Wild ' Will aiming at the opponent' s anklehurts the enemy by temporarily capturing the enemy with great damage. The 'smash rush'Is a useful skill that makes enemies in the blind and blind to blind attacks as well as sustained damage within range.


As the level rises, specialized skills that can be learned are 'Bomb', 'Summon', 'Absorb', 'Molly', 'Decelerate', 'Wide' . 'Bombardment' canuse the 'Bombardment' skill, whichreduces 5% of all enemy armor within 10m of the Earth due to the energy of the Earth, and allows the arrows to be poured into the designated area. 

If you select 'Summon' , every time you cast skill 5 times, Guardian Spirit will appear and youwill use the 'Spirit of Earth' skill to summon a pet to be with you. Unusually, the kinds of pet that emerge as the 'Earth Elemental' are different depending on the weapon. The 'Longing Spirit' that helps fighting and the 'Wings of Life' that recovers life are summoned respectively. 

On the other hand, 'absorbed' and will receive ATK rises through the passive, to summon Entrance to the designated place , the underworld of the tree, learn this skill. The Summoned Ent has the characteristic of creating a vortex, attracting nearby objects, and constantly inflicting damage.

Moly', which further enhances the whisperer's quick movements , consists of a 'pain barrier' that increases the speed of movement and summons circular barriers to a certain range . The barriers are held for 4 seconds, blocking enemies and continuously damaging internal enemies. 


In addition, 'slowing' increases your defenses temporarily whenever you are affected, and you can set up a new type of trap using the exclusive skill 'Magnetic Field of Pain' . The trap moves to the battlefield, creating a magnetic field, attacking all enemies in the path and stunning for a short time. 

Also, when the life is over 90%, the attack speed is increased to 'wide range' equipped with 'madness power' weapons are strengthened for 5 seconds to 100% increase in attack power. Instantly, it shows a huge attacking ability. As a result of increasing the attack power, all damage that you receive increases in reverse. Therefore, unless you are able to maintain distance from the enemy, use caution.

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