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MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike.There are many Mu Legend zen Suppliers available for MU Legend players. It’s wise to choose a reliable and safe website to buy mu2 zen for the security sake. Why would you want to buy mu legend zen? Well, many players don't buy zen but just farm zen they need from the game, but buying zen allows you to devote more time in the game to do what you want to do. If you intent to buy mu legend zen, you will definitely get a headache for choosing among so many mu legend zen providers in the market. How to select a professional mu legend zen Seller may trouble some players who want to buy mu2 zen. Let's discuss it together with mu2zen.

Why Mu2zen is the best place to buy mu legned zen is a professional and reliable mu legend producnt Store, it devotes its mind to mu legend service to all players. Our mission is providing Cheap and Safe mu legend zen to our clients with high speed delivery. Players can buy zen very conveniently and simply. Before do any trade in the gaming market of mu legend, you should make one thing clear.

1. Safe Transaction
Face-to-Face In-Game: Please give us an item for the trade, we will whisper you in game and meet at a place to make a trade. There is no fee for this kind of trade method. More and more large mu legend sellers choose this method.

2. Fast Delivery
After you pay for your order, what will make you feel boring? Some players who bought mu legend zen at some sites must have this experience that you have to wait for a long time for your gold, especially when you are in dire need of zen. But if you choose mu2zen, you don’t need to worry about it. We will try our best to deliver your zen fast after we received your orders. Our traders are real players, so your mu legend zen orders can be smoothly completed. We guarantee fast delivery within 5 mins - 30 mins for most orders, and if we don't have enough zen stock for your server occasionally, we will also try our best to deliver your gold as fast as possible, so we will spare no efforts for your order and beg for your understanding.

3. Refund Guarantee
If by any chance we have not enough Imperial Coins in stock and have to make you wait a bit longer, and you wouldn’t like to wait any more, or other reasonable cases before delivery, a refund would be issued immediately. You don't need to worry about it.

4. Reasonable Price
Every player wants to buy the cheapest mu legend zen. But it is an integrative question. You should balance various aspects of the website, such as service, quality and price. It is best to buy the cheapest mu legend gold with the best service relatively.
We adjust our mu legend Gold prices in time according to the market. We have the most reasonable prices, so you can buy mu lgend zen with the cheapest prices here. Apart from this, you may find that we provide different kinds of discount coupon classified according to the amount of your orders. With these coupon, you will get a satisfactory price from mu2zen.

5. Various Payment Methods
You can select any one of the payment methods on It is simple to purchase what you need. Moreover, your personal information will be kept secret. If you still worry about the security of your account, please read the guide of How to Secure Your Account in mu legend zen, first.

6. 24/7 Online Service
We know time is a very important thing for players, so we have 24/7 online Live Chat support for our customers, which is so fast that we can reply to your need immediately. Our customers are all satisfied with it.
From the above information, you can see mu2zen is definitely the most trustworthy mu legend zen Store. If you want to buy Safe and Cheap mu zen but still are afraid of having a try, just choose mu2zen. We will make your delivery easy and fast. You will have a great experience at mu2zen. You could find buying mu legend zen is so easy and it makes you enjoy the game more. Whenever you need to buy mu zen, or you have requirement in mu legend Power Leveling, don’t be hesitating, our Live Chat is 24/7 online.

7. 10 Years' Experience
Our company was established in 2006, it has more than 10 years' experience in gaming market, which allows us to provide gamers with the most professional services. is chosen as a Trustworthy mu legend Shop by many players, and it is the first option for more and more zen buyers.

8. Ranked No.1 in Google Results
If you search “mu2 zen” in Google, you will find muzen is ranked No.1, which shows that this site’s reputation and service are the best.

9. Professional Services
Customer service is an important part of a site. A team of professional customer service reps could give players wonderful experience. Especially for those players who buy mu legend for the first time, professional customer service reps could help new buyers to solve all kinds of questions better and efficiently.
No matter what questions you have about zen delivery, please feel free to let us know. Our professional customer reps could help you to solve them. Quite a lot of customers who bought gold at mu2zen feed back to us that they are satisfied with our customer reps very much.

10. Good Reputation
If you don't have idea about a site, just try to see what other players say. You could search the site at Trust, Bizrate, Facebook or some other social network sites.

so we say is the best place to buy mu legend zen,mu legend powerleveling and mu legend items!

MU window can not open the cause and the solution

Since the update of the new season XII so many people can not open MU ... the launcher loads normally, the gameguard also loads normally but after that the game window does not appear without any error message.

How to buy Cheap mu legend zen in

Mu legend will be opening test at summer,as you know Mu lengend zen is an important part in playing Mu legend,you need mu legend to buy Equipment, upgrade skills and other more. Most players are in need of Mu legend zen to obtain valuable players or win more matches.


Ways to build a high Attack Mu legend Blader

As a blader, you'll need three primary stats = Crit rate, Attack and Crit dmg in that order. All items can roll attack stats but not a crit or dmg so appear for items that have attack stats and reroll the useless stat for crit or crit dmg, Duh xD


The Influence of mu legend round heritage on materials and stages

The next is the nature of these round cultural relics, hope that the players to seriously understand.


MU Legend System Requirements

MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike.


Mu Legend Dark Lord Skills Guide for Beginners

Shield Block to 50% Like Professional Talent (Pain Immunity) 10% and Left Click Skill (Shield Bash) 5% (Should you decide to go with Dragon Knight Shield, you'll be able to transform your ability Shield Bash to Thrust, Much more Damage)

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