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Free Starter-Pack Giveaway for MU Legend And Patch Note Content

Mu2zen Date: Nov/14/17 18:13:48 Views: 444

To support MU Legend's new players, WEBZEN has teamed up with MMO internet websites to award free of charge MU Legend starter packs to their readers and communities. From today until all coupons have run out, players can pay a visit to the sites of any of WEBZEN's media partners to obtain a special coupon code, which grants:
- Platinum Service (3 Days)
- Form A Costume (three Days)
- Constellation Wings (three Days)
- Holy Recovery Potion L x10
Coupon codes are restricted to 1 use per WEBZEN account. Complete particulars on participating media web-sites will later be shared on the official web page and Facebook page.

official web page :
Facebook page :
Freemmostation :
mmogames :

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, commented: "Of all of the games we've published, MU Legend's launch is up there with all the most satisfying: A smooth release with out any technical hiccups, daily server stability along with the biggest influx of players that we've ever observed in the entire history from the organization! We had to open new servers to facilitate the continual arrival of newcomers, plus the tides show no signs of turning however! Because of our media partners, we're capable to give a "cherry on top" package to everybody who desires to attempt MU Legend."


Free Starter-Pack Giveaway for MU Legend And Patch Note Content

Patch Note Content material
On top of that, thousands of players are as a result of get their 1st special titles, awarded for participating within the CBTs and also the tension test. These marks of recognition will probably be delivered to those early pioneers right now, November 14th. Now Mu2zen shares with you The Patch Note Content. Mu2zen as an expert Mu Legend zen web page, provides safe, quickly and low cost Mu legend products for you.
The upkeep is now more than and players can take pleasure in once more MU Legend.
As part of today's maintenance, a patch has been applied, please locate the patch notes under:
- The servers have been restarted
Functions adjustments
- The capacity of each server has been increased to enable a lot more players to join in the exact same time.
- The 500 Bound Redzen reward for playing the Strain Test has been distributed.
- Some tweaks have already been made to 64-bits technique optimisations.
- Changes have already been made towards the login method.
Bugs fixes
- A bug displaying an incorrect charge inside the auction property has been fixed.
- A bug that created the minimap disappear on some occasions has been fixed.
Identified issues
- A bug in the Mythic Each day Quest preventing users to obtain their token has been reported and is currently becoming worked on by the developers. We're planning to release a new repair through the maintenance on 21st November.

What is Factors That Determine Mu legend Combat Power

Mu legend Enhancing combat energy will not be just about rising the amount of harm a character can deal.Combat power is affected by the all round stats from the character, which includes defense and HP. Mu2zen share What is Factors That Determine Mu legend Combat Power for you!

Resolve Your Mu legend Webzen accounts need to updated

In that case, properly you have to update this information and facts and/or merge the account(s).Now MU2ZEN shares with you The Resolve Your Mu legend Webzen accounts need to updated. MU2ZEN as an expert Mu Legend zen site, gives safe, rapidly and inexpensive Buy Mu legend Zen for you.

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