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Mu Legend Territories Guide for Faction War

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The Faction War consists of massive PvP battles in which you fight alongside your guild to occupy territories.To seize a territory, a guild ought to decide on its greatest fighters and battle to defeat other guilds inside a tournament.In addition to glory along with a prominent spot in MU's history books, a guild that occupies a territory receives some unique benefits - at least until the subsequent Faction War begins. In this Post, Mu2zen will share the Mu Legend Basic Notion Guide for Faction War for you


Mu Legend Territories Guide for Faction War

Territories would be the core of your Faction War update. So that you can take part in the Faction War, a guild should fight for at the least one territory. Around the Faction War map, Territories divided into hexagonal sections. Through the 1st phase of applications, a guild ought to determine for which Territory it desires to fight.
A separate tournament is held for each and every territory, having a max of 16 guilds competing for each and every one. The guild that wins the competition is the new owner of your Territory.
Territories are available in 3 distinct grades: 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star. The reduced the class, the fewer the rewards of the Territory. A guild requirements just five warriors to fight for a 1-star Territory, ten warriors for a 2-star territory and 20 warriors for a 3-star Territory.
You can check the place from the territory by opening the Faction War Map (/) or by clicking the icon around the prime bar.

Capital Territories
After a guild occupies one or additional territories, the guild can designate one Territory as a capital.
A guild using a capital territory receives specific advantages based on the grade from the capital.
You'll be able to transform the capital territory anytime you'd like by way of NPC Keas, who usually located in your Territory.
Neighboring Territories
Neighboring territories are any of one's Territories that surround the capital territory. The Neighboring Territory Level is determined based on the variety of nearby Territories that exist, plus the level cap is six.
The added benefits you acquire differ tremendously depending on the grade of the capital territory.

Examples of Neighboring Territories

Neighboring Territory (Connected)
Neighboring Territory Level 1 (A territory placed correct subsequent to the capital)
Neighboring Territory Level 2 (A territory adjacent to a Territory right after the capital)
Not a Neighboring Territory (Connection broken)
Neighboring Territory Level 0 (No territory proper after the capital)
Neighboring Territory Level 0 (Connection broke by a territory occupied by one more guild)

Attack Units
As a way to participate in the Faction War and get the chance to occupy a territory, a guild needs an Attack Unit.
Depending on the grade from the target territory, the Attack Unit demands a minimum of 5/10/20 players.
Supplied that a guild has enough members, the guild can produce greater than one particular Attack Unit to fight for greater than one territory in the identical time (or attack one Territory when defending a currently occupied territory).
An Attack Unit might be designed only immediately after a guild has efficiently applied for any territory (thriving = accepted by the program).
Players can join an Attack Unit only if they are within the same guild as the Attack Unit commander that made the unit.
Before an Attack Unit "departs" to fight, the guild master can disband it by removing the permissions of the unit commander.
Attack Units are automatically disbanded immediately after the tournament period ends.
To take part in the tournament, the Attack Unit has to depart at a specified time. The time might be checked via the tournament schedule within the Faction War window (/). Departures take place from the Guild Harbor.
Only the Attack Unit commander can order the departure. An Attack Unit cannot depart until the required number of fighters are ready (no less than 5/10/20 for 1/2/3-star territories respectively).
Attack Units that never depart on time is going to be automatically disqualified from the tournament. If a guild that currently occupies a territory will not take the element or will not depart on time, the guild will shed its territory.

Guild Trophies
Guild Trophies would be the core resource necessary to take element within the Faction War, acquired via donating Trophy Tokens towards the guild.
The minimum number of Guild Trophies essential to fight for any territory is determined by the grade with the territory.
1-Star Territory: 300 Trophies
2-Star Territory: 500 Trophies
3-Star Territory: 1,500 Trophies

You will discover numerous methods to earn Trophy Tokens inside the game (like by means of Dungeon Boxes).
Trophy Tokens can also be purchased by means of the merchant NPCs Dukan (by paying "Dukan's Proofs") or Trilgard (by paying "Fighter's Tokens") in Ohrdor.

Donating 1 Trophy Token to the guild increases the trophy count by ten.
A player can donate up to ten Trophy Tokens for the guild each day.
A player who donates Trophy Tokens receives Magic Gems as a reward.
A guild may also get trophies through the Follower Program.

A player whose guild doesn't occupy a territory can develop into a follower of a guild that does.
To turn out to be a follower of a guild, a player ought to spend Trophy Tokens.
As soon as a player becomes a follower, he/she will receive many of the benefits of your territory.
A player can adhere to only 1 guild at a time and may follow instantly without having any approval from that guild.
There is a limit towards the quantity of followers a guild can have.
A player can not adjust the followed guild until the next tournament ends.
The follower status will likely be automatically changed when the following tournament ends. To stick to the identical or possibly a new guild, the player has to spend trophies again.

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