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Interviews for Mu legend fans interest questions in OTB

Mu2zen Date: Nov/27/17 02:54:31 Views: 74

Just afterBecause Mu legend are still working on our actions against abusive players, Mu legend could not open the trade program. Mu legend will retain you updated on this topic. To be able to get much more information and for further investigation, it truly is temporarely not possible to register a new item within the auction house. mu2zen ask these queries type mu legend and list for mu legend fans

Interviews for Mu legend fans interest questions in OTB

Q: When the fps drops situation will likely be resolved?
A: The fps challenges may come from many diverse factors like CPU/GPU/ compatibility or extra but they are conscious the game is just not fully optimized and they will retain improving performance all through the beta (its nonetheless a beta)

Q:Will there be compensation taking into account we pay for platinum service but we drop a number of its capabilities?
A: They are discussing about feasible compensation in the future, unless the bot/ah repair arrive there is certainly no point for a compensation, just but.

Q:Do you strategy to add PVP/PK in the game?
A: They may be not confident about pk but pvp will come very quickly and involves various formats of PVP doable 3v3 5v5 10v10 and faction wars (my guess guild vs guild)

Q:When new content material is coming/ there is a lack of content at the moment
A: They said they don't think there's a lack of content taking into consideration how young the game is, however they will be obviously many new content material coming within the future which includes new dungeons (epic i consider) loads of new characters next one particular is spellbinder and following that phantom/falcon warrior (i didn't catch that clearly)

Q:Will you update the cashshop with new costumes , in particular Christmas costumes, bikini blader?
A:There will probably be lots of new costumes/mounts and so on and yes there is going to be Christmas costumes, despite the fact that no bikini blader costume for now

Q: Will there be a method to obtain blue/ red imprints in game as their benefits are big and are so high priced for their rng aspect?
A: I assume this query left unanswered

Q: When ah/trade attributes might be back?
A: There is at present no ETA, while each Alex and Jason mention that the dev team perform day and evening and the resolution really should arrive inside a matter of days and NOT weeks or months, needless to say there will be an announcement as soon as they're going to have news type dev team

Q: When the dc/lag situation will likely be resolved? (thats for NA servers)
A: They mention they are hunting the logs and essentially the disconnects is definitely an situation that impacts the minority and not the majority of individuals, they nevertheless attempt their very best to fix what ever will be the issue that bring about the disconnects currently

MU Legend money shop is offering a 20 off reduction on Pets and Artefact

On the other hand, please don’t blackout in front of all those fantastic affairs (or those mysterious Males in Black), that we guarantee you they aren’t coming from the black marketplace!MU Legend money shop is offering a 20% reduction on its “Pets and Artefact” category!MU Legend Goblins have written it on their black board.

Mu legend PVP Content material Will Update On December 5th, 2017

Just one month on from the official OBT launch, WEBZEN is set to release its 1st content material update for the game. On December 5th, the extremely anticipated first set of PVP functions will be unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete with each other in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.


Jesper_Kyd has lent his artful creativeness to MU Legend

#Jesper_Kyd that is the focus of this article today who has lent his artful creativeness to MU Legend. If you want to learn about his process, check out the video below to see how he creates the instantly memorable tracks for MU Legend and many other game’s his contributed to.


How to buy Cheap mu legend zen in

Mu legend will be opening test at summer,as you know Mu lengend zen is an important part in playing Mu legend,you need mu legend to buy Equipment, upgrade skills and other more. Most players are in need of Mu legend zen to obtain valuable players or win more matches.


mu legend FAQ and prepare for start off enjoy obt

It's the final countdown! Today, Tuesday November 7th, marks the beginning of a brand-new chapter inside the MU franchise, together with the launch of MU Legend's open beta for our international audience! Now let's cover a number of often asked concerns we've gathered from mu2zen


37 MU Legend Tips for Beginner

if you are a beginner to play mu legend you can read this information, there are 37 hot tips for mu legend, and if you have other problem you can chat with us, welcome to mu2zen

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