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Mu Legend Blader Peeping Tips

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Born from an experiment to find a way to protect their creators, Bladers are brutal warriors nourished by rage and their will to fight as the representatives of the lower class. The rebellion of the commoners was crushed during the Great War, leaving no other solution but to create a perfect warrior in order to fight the oppressors. The Kanturians, with the help of the humans, decided to experiment with the effects of rage on a warrior in an effort to make him stronger than ever. The result was a warrior with unstoppable power and an unending lust for battle. For the bladder setting, some bladder will have the DPS through the sky, Some bladers are more likely to be inferior.No matter how much the finger difference, but the deal difference is severe,We will solve the question.


Mu Legend Blader Peeping Tips


Among the ancient items of Blader

There's a beast set.
Beast Chaser's Armor (Beast-type Damage 20% added)
Trainer Spaulders (Beast-type Damage 20% added)
Beast's Chaser's Tail (20% Beast-Type Damage Added)
Bounty Hunter's Foot Protector (Beast-type damage added 20%)
Chaser Ring (Beast-type damage added 20%)
+ Advanced class league hunting (Beast type damage 50% added)
You can get a 2.5x deal with 150% total damage.

So the set blader and the bladder do not match.
For example, a dragon hideout. Epic dungeon. It is a required dungeon.
The three bosses are all 'beast' type.
Yes. If you match, you will have four Currently. This is the party that completes the epic phase 5 of the current party in 10 minutes.
It's just a party to clear ... I do not know if it's intended to collapse, but there are a lot of bosses
There are many beasts and demons in particular.

Even if you do not set the beast set in the case of a demon type
Glysha's One-Handed Knife = Making Legend (Devil Type Modem 17%)
The total number of pairs is 34%
Elite Boss Damage 20% Add 3 items to the item
I do not know what the rest of the system is, but there will be a demon type modem.

Fit together
Greater Strengthening Elixir: Exorcise (Demonic Damage 50% added)

To match
The total damage is also 2.44 times.
Especially famous for the blind set for anime
In the case of Heath Mines, all the monsters in the dungeon from the first demon are 'demon-type'.
Even the boss is a demon. As a famous person, 'Fakeer'
Mine Myth 5th Phase 3 Minute Soleple One day, 80 million yen is earned.
Thank you for your help to learn how to see the certification shots and how to help us a lot.

Mu Legend War Mage skill set and use

It is War Mage of both hands which is active in Lorentahia.The attack strength is about 134,000, and the actual attack power is 2700.It is not a fighting power that pops up into a pit or other garbage.I do not know how to write this, but I do not have the kindness to stick it out.Everyone feels frustrated, so I think I will write down my personal skills and exploits.

MU Legend Staff Worm Mine 5th Stage

If you set the cool sense to only about 30%, you can do the same with the Video in different steps.If you put Garnett Jewel or Gleisha's Sword (Produced) Demon Summoner (100,000 mu legend Zen), it is more convenient to be high-profile.


Buying Mu legend Payment Strategies Frontier Pack Questions

Mu legend have already been reviewing your subjects and comments in regards to the distinctive kinds of procedures and, to assist you to understand ways to spend together with the actual approaches supplied, Mu legend wish to share with you the following FAQ:Which are the available payment procedures? What are their differences?


Mu Legend Published Christmassy Events

From 12.12.2017 until the 9th of January (with the commence in the Upkeep), Mu legend feed you with Gingerbread till your bellies are about to explode :)By clearing the later dungeons, every player gets (furthermore) 2 of our Christmas Gingerbread Males


Mu legend in game Currency

Mu legend zen is The main game currency that you get from monsters, as a reward for quests, in the dungeon of Luery's Sercet Vault, when selling things, and so on. Gold, you, like in other similar games, you need to sharpen, send mail messages and much more.


Some Suggest for mu legend dragon hunters

Exclude dragon hunters who are the same as other occupational groups and have no fixed options.Other items will be appreciated if you comment on it.

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