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MU Legend Character and classes Faq

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How many classes are available in the game?
At the time of the PTA, there were 4 classes available in the game:
Dark Lord - a very strong and hardy character, capable of causing powerful attacks on opponents. He uses a huge mace.
Whisperer is the only character in the game that wears a bow and deals long range damage.
Blader is a mobile character who can quickly attack and control opponents. Can walk with two blades or two-handed weapons.
War Mage is a character with a small amount of health and mana, but is capable of inflicting a lot of damage on enemies using magic.

MU Legend Character and classes Faq

It is also known that soon the following classes will appear:
Emphasizer - was already available in the client, but it was impossible to play for it. Most likely will be available on the second CBT.
Black Phantom - this class was presented on the G-STAR 2016 in the form of a concept. What he will be in the game and what he will do is not yet known.

How is the pumping of the character?
Prorolling occurs quite a standard review. First you pump your character, performing quests and getting to know the game world. Then you will be engaged in extracting equipment. Each character has a special characteristic - Combat Power, which is determined by a number depending on your level, equipment, its sharpening and inserted magic stones, from pets and so on. It is this characteristic that helps to know the power and effectiveness of a particular hero. Also, with a certain CP number, you will be able to access the high-level dungeons.

What types of quests are there in the game?
Quests can be divided into several types - plot, side, repetitive and daily. Side (blue exclamation point) you have to go along with the plot, repetitive (pink exclamation point) appear randomly on the map and they can be performed several times. With the daily you will encounter after reaching level 65. The main tasks of quests are the destruction of monsters and / or collection of various items. There are also quests for the destruction of mini-bosses, the passage of dungeons (usually such quests introduce the player to a particular dungeon or are plot) and so on. As a reward, you will receive experience points for the character and Soul Level, as well as goldu (Zen).

How many maximum levels?
It's worth remembering that in MU Legend there are several kinds of levels. The first level is the level of the account. The more characters on your account and their level, the better the account level. The account level gives bonuses to character characteristics. The second level is the main level of the character. The maximum level of the character on the first CBT international version was 65. The third level is the Soul Level. When you receive the Soul Level, you get Soul Points, which you can use to improve the character's additional characteristics, for example, physical attack, critical attack and so on. The maximum Soul Level on the first CBT international version was 500.

How does the character develop his abilities?
There are several types of abilities in Mu Legend:
The capabilities of the main weapon depend on the weapon you select. As a rule, each class can be used for 2 types of weapons. For example, Whisperer can wear both a two-handed bow and two crossbows.
Class abilities are abilities of a class that open when a certain level of character is received.
Expert abilities - obtained when a certain level is reached and a certain quest is executed.
With frequent use of this or that ability, you have the opportunity to use for the ability of special stones that improve one or another characteristic of the ability. Stones come in different grades and can fall in the dungeons.

What is an artifact?
When you reach level 65, you will be able to access a system of artifacts. For each character is available a certain set of artifacts

MU Legend Sieges in the Korean version

Webzen introduced the siege system into the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend for a long time, however, due to the difficulties associated with translating from the Korean language and accessing the game, we were able to get more specific information about this system only now.

Mu legend in game Currency

Mu legend zen is The main game currency that you get from monsters, as a reward for quests, in the dungeon of Luery's Sercet Vault, when selling things, and so on. Gold, you, like in other similar games, you need to sharpen, send mail messages and much more.


Ohrdor is definitely the center of your largest MU Legend continent trading post

Ohrdor is positioned inside the center with the MU continent, and its leader, Dumpain, produced it in to the continent's largest trading post.Presently, you'll find all kinds of goods getting created for export around the globe. Now MU2ZEN shares with you The Ohrdor is definitely the center of your greatest MU Legend continent trading post.


Mu Legend Updated The 3 Vs 3 PVP mode inside the game

The release comes just one month just after the official OBT launch and is WEBZEN's very first update to the game. The highly anticipated 1st set of PvP attributes is now unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.


MU Legend Item options by prefix / suffix

Mu legend Items are determined by the combination of prefix + suffix, For example, when a dragon hunter swords a big sword and a sharp tiger risesSharp (Tough) + Tiger (Chippy) Dragon Hunter Great Sword comes out, so it becomes a top-quality sword.There are rules here.


MU Legend Labyrinth Boss catch

In MU Legend Labyrinth have 7 boss: Margarine, Pamela, Aris, Betty, Edouard, Vacheronde, Theophil, this article will take about how to kill those boss.There are a total of 70 cases in total before the boss.In the case of the plate , the rest is the same kind, so I will only talk about ice

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