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Mu legend OBT is already offered for download and forums is re-opened

Mu2zen Date: Nov/02/17 20:15:00 Views: 91

MU Legend has re-opened the long-awaited forums, and the game client and frontier packs are nevertheless available ahead of the open beta.With all the open beta set to start early subsequent week, the newest version from the MU Legend client is already available for download on mu legend website. Players that took aspect inside the pressure test will have a patch obtainable when the servers open on November 7th, 2017 (UTC).

Mu legend OBT is already offered for download and forums is re-opened

Moreover, when the OBT starts, there will be no data wipes. This means that players can take pleasure in the game from day 1, secure in the knowledge that their characters won't be lost when the game reaches official release. Players who've not but signed up or downloaded the client are nevertheless welcome to complete so at here and when you want buy mu legend zen go mu2zen

In 2001, MU On-line was released for the pure happiness of hordes of fans all around the globe. This marked the birth of your MU franchise globally. In 2017, 16 years later, MU Legend pays tribute to those unforgettable days, embodying considerably of what made its eldest ARPG brother so exceptional: Atmosphere, lore, game mechanics and a lot more. Although staying accurate to the essence in the MU franchise, MU Legend comes with its own flavor and richness for players to discover. It really is the item of a brand new vision that emerged from the minds of your MU Legend developers, generated with expertise acquired over more than a decade.

MU Legend will open the doors into a amazing globe, extended prior to the events of MU On the net. As previously introduced, players may have four classic MU-franchise classes to select from and embark on their epic journeys.

Around the official Facebook web page and Discord channel, customers who had the opportunity to join the two closed betas along with the pressure test are passionately (and kindly) urging the MU Legend team to release the game.

Responding to their fans' enthusiasm, the MU Legend team at WEBZEN Dublin commented: "Our players would be the most supportive fans ever! Even when we have been facing the pre-production hazards skilled by virtually every game, our fans expressed their unbreakable encouragement in a large number of ways! We're actually blown away by the support we've been receiving on our social media pages. Seeing the numerous good emojis genuinely puts smiles on our faces each day."

To welcome all guilds, feedback, roleplay stories and more, the MU Legend group has these days re-opened the long-awaited forums. A location for all to post opinions, guides and questions, the forums are ready to host fans from around the globe.

To provide the top game encounter for players, MU Legend's group of professionals has released a brand new volley of deeply detailed game guides. The guides provided include things like subjects for example the Rift, the guild system and also the Endless Tower, each and every of which covers invaluable know-how for any MU Legend pro; the "Guides" section of MU Legend's web site is not to become missed

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Ohrdor is definitely the center of your largest MU Legend continent trading post

Ohrdor is positioned inside the center with the MU continent, and its leader, Dumpain, produced it in to the continent's largest trading post.Presently, you'll find all kinds of goods getting created for export around the globe. Now MU2ZEN shares with you The Ohrdor is definitely the center of your greatest MU Legend continent trading post.

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New Character Emperisizer add to the mu legend

Emperisai is a character who has long been able to control things and minds through harsh training. It acts as a 'balanced dealership' that can inflict great damage on many enemies based on sophisticated attacks.


Free Starter-Pack Giveaway for MU Legend And Patch Note Content

To support MU Legend's new players, WEBZEN has teamed up with MMO internet websites to award free of charge MU Legend starter packs to their readers and communities. Now Mu2zen shares with you The Patch Note Content in November 14th.


Mu legend Character Level and Soul Level Guides for beginner

When you're greeted using the character-selection screen soon after launching the game, you could notice that every character has two various levels displayed beneath its name. MU Legend has two separate leveling systems, the Character Level and Soul Level, which increase independently of one another.


Mu Legend Server name changes on hursday 9th November

Please find below the names of the servers from tomorrow! Now Mu2zen shares with you The mu legend Server name changes. Mu2zen as a professional Mu Legend zen internet site, provides protected.

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