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MU Legend Open Beta Now Live with New Trailer

Mu2zen Date: Nov/07/17 19:22:33 Views: 697

It marks the culmination of a one-year-long journey, punctuated by two closed beta tests and one tension test, since preparations started for the release of certainly one of WEBZEN's most anticipated games.Now MU2ZEN shares with you The MU Legend Open Beta Now Reside with New Trailer. MU2ZEN as an expert Mu Legend zen web site, offers secure, rapid and low cost Mu legend Items for you personally

MU Legend Open Beta Now Live with New Trailer

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, acknowledged the occasion with these words: "Launching a game is constantly a high-stakes moment to live by way of, where numerous feelings collide. Here, within the 'OBT backstage', I'm witnessing - let me place it like this - 'an exotic diversity of exhilarated states of mind ': The chills of enthusiasm are making hairs stand on finish, adding a frenetic edge for the usual finger-tapping rhythm - nonetheless not missing a beat - and hearts are hammering more quickly than usual. Now, the entertaining starts for the fans, and our focus is focused completely on creating their game experience one of the most unforgettable yet. We're excited for players to practical experience first-hand the passion that we've put into MU Legend and appear forward to seeing them all in-game."

The open beta is really a "last preparation step", and players will retain all game data (characters, purchases, products, and so forth.) even right after the day of your official release.

Players no longer must be concerned about any data wipes and can now take as a lot time as they require to explore the deep content material presented by the game. Stating it clearly, there might be NO WIPE at all during or right after the OBT period.

While all game content material has been created obtainable right now, additional expansions are currently in the pipeline.

Developers are arranging to deploy updates and extensions regularly, having a 3v3-combat function to arrive within the very first update ahead of the finish of the year. This feature will supply a dynamic PvP atmosphere, involving method and team coordination.

Other new content material, including territory wars, is slated to arrive soon following.

Furthermore, thousands of players are due to get their very first unique titles, awarded for participating within the CBTs plus the stress test. The MU Legend team has announced that these marks of recognition will be delivered to these early pioneers on November 14th, 2017.

The group also presented a final comment: "It would have already been virtually impossible to carry the MU Legend dream this far - more than a decade following the launch of MU On the web - devoid of the help on the fans. We'd prefer to express our warmest because of all our players who've continued to possess faith in this dream, and we hope that they'll love the game as substantially as we've enjoyed establishing it."

As well as the open beta, a brand-new MU Legend trailer has been released these days. Before heading to the official web-site to get started on their epic journeys, players can check out the video here.

To play MU Legend, visit:
To understand a lot more about MU Legend, pay a visit to:
Players are also invited to talk about the game and join the official Facebook community at:
To purchase Mu legend products,zen,energy leveling go to:

mu legend FAQ and prepare for start off enjoy obt

It's the final countdown! Today, Tuesday November 7th, marks the beginning of a brand-new chapter inside the MU franchise, together with the launch of MU Legend's open beta for our international audience! Now let's cover a number of often asked concerns we've gathered from mu2zen

Mu Legend Server name changes on hursday 9th November

Please find below the names of the servers from tomorrow! Now Mu2zen shares with you The mu legend Server name changes. Mu2zen as a professional Mu Legend zen internet site, provides protected.


Mu Legend Dark Lord Skills Guide for Beginners

Shield Block to 50% Like Professional Talent (Pain Immunity) 10% and Left Click Skill (Shield Bash) 5% (Should you decide to go with Dragon Knight Shield, you'll be able to transform your ability Shield Bash to Thrust, Much more Damage)


MU Legend Stress Test at September 23rd

mu legend goal is to saturate the server of a specific zone in order to stress test its capacity and limits. The game will be available to play for 8 hours (4 p.m. until 12 a.m., UTC), and we have restricted the use of the map to Enova and the Rift only.


Mu legend in game Currency

Mu legend zen is The main game currency that you get from monsters, as a reward for quests, in the dungeon of Luery's Sercet Vault, when selling things, and so on. Gold, you, like in other similar games, you need to sharpen, send mail messages and much more.


Mu Legend Updated The 3 Vs 3 PVP mode inside the game

The release comes just one month just after the official OBT launch and is WEBZEN's very first update to the game. The highly anticipated 1st set of PvP attributes is now unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.

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