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MU Legend Ranking System Information

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- Rankings List: Click a category to view the relevant rankings for the day.
- View Records: It is possible to check the daily ranking records right here.
Currently, this can be only accessible in the [Character > Combat Power] and [Mission Map > AI Arena] categories.
- Rankings Main Screen: You are able to check ranking categories, time of rankings calculation and your character's ranking.
Enter a character name to look for and check that character's ranking.
- Character Facts Screen: This shows the chosen character's look, and when you click on [Character Info] you can see detailed details for that character.

MU Legend Ranking System Information

Types of Rankings

? Character Rankings
- Combat Energy: Shows the rankings of level-65 characters with all the highest combat energy.
- Soul Level: Shows level-65 characters with highest Soul levels and amounts of EXP.
- Zen: Shows level-65 characters with the most Zen.
- Magic Gem: Shows level-65 characters using the most Magic Gems.

? Epic-Dungeon Rankings
- Dragon's Haven: Shows characters that cleared Dragon's Haven in Epic V mode inside the least quantity of time.
- Sanctum of Dragon Knights: Shows characters that cleared the Sanctum of Dragon Knights in Epic V mode in the least amount of time.

? Mission-Map Rankings
- Endless Tower: Shows characters that cleared essentially the most floors in the Endless Tower within the least quantity of time.
- Blood Castle: Shows characters that cleared Blood Castle in the least amount of time.
- Lupa's Labyrinth: Shows characters that cleared the highest degree of Lupa's Labyrinth within the least quantity of time.
- AI Arena: Shows characters with the most AI Arena winning points.

? Mythic-Dungeon Rankings
- Heath Mine: Shows characters that cleared the Heath Mine in Mythic V mode in the least amount of time.
- Sky Temple: Shows characters that cleared the Sky Temple in Mythic V mode in the least amount of time.
- Pit of Nightmares: Shows characters that cleared the Pit of Nightmares in Mythic V mode within the least quantity of time.

Mu legend Celebrates the Success of the Stress Test

MU Legend may be the next-gen ARPG MMO, slated to go in outdoors beta phase on November seventh, 2017. While using the stress test effectively completed, the technical team will focus on modifying the setup chilling out servers when using the data received. The preparation continues for your month of October.

Mu legend Dark Lord Skill Information on: Buffs, Debuffs and Taunts

Mu legend Dark Lord have three type skill: Weapon Skill,Class skills,Expert Skills. MU Legend's infamous Dark Lord, outfitted which has a defend for remarkable protection, is really a course that's well suited to primary battles in the frontline. Instrumental in releasing people within the Ashas, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for great ability.


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MU Legend Item options by prefix / suffix

Mu legend Items are determined by the combination of prefix + suffix, For example, when a dragon hunter swords a big sword and a sharp tiger risesSharp (Tough) + Tiger (Chippy) Dragon Hunter Great Sword comes out, so it becomes a top-quality sword.There are rules here.


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