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MU Legend Tips For The War Mage Labyrinth

Mu2zen Date: Sep/24/17 19:59:14 Views: 91

Materials needed: Fabres 2, Reeves 45, 3000
Recommended skill tree : propulsion explosion, glacier prison, flame curtain, indiscriminate frenzy, hallucination pollution

Skill Combo
A. Flame tabernacle> indiscriminate frenzy> hallucinogenic pollution> propulsion explosion> dill hara flap curtain + glacier prison>
(Use in normal cases.)

N. Flame Curtain> Glacier Prison> Propulsion Explosion> Flame Curtain> Psychic Pollution> Indiscriminate Fever>

(It is used when you need time to do doping, or when there is a ghost or a ghost in the sweat.)

C. Flame Curtain> Glacier Prison> Indiscriminate Fever> Psychic Pollution> Propulsion Explosion> Flame Curtain>

(Use it when you need time to dope or when you worship and sacrifice at once.)


MU Legend Tips For The War Mage Labyrinth

I used to split it up, but most of it was used as it was ...

I guess it's hard to say aura, kind of mob, catch, pass, know-how and so on.

We prepared 6 images of gauge rice.

Often we have strange play ...

Mechanical Keyboard Rack + Video Rack + Mew Legend Rack has been chopped up.

Sometimes I go to the state of stunning after the ice prison, I hope to fix it soon ... Resurrection stone ghost;

Oh, and the leap often comes out in the 345 shortcut key, it is easy to use.

Personally, I have the most demon type, and then I think there are many immortality, magic, and beast.

MU Legend Stress Test at September 23rd

mu legend goal is to saturate the server of a specific zone in order to stress test its capacity and limits. The game will be available to play for 8 hours (4 p.m. until 12 a.m., UTC), and we have restricted the use of the map to Enova and the Rift only.

MU Legend Stress Test is Over

In Mu legend Stress Test really appreciate the implication you all showed to make MU Legend the best game possible.All WEBZEN studios were involved in this hectic moment during the 8 hours the test has been ran

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Wings are very essential in MU Legend, permitting you to alter your look and enhance your combat power. To be able to make them stronger, you should obtain the necessary Mu legend items inside the Endless Tower. Players at Lv. 65 can enter it from the Area of Duty, and it's only readily available two instances every day, so it's critical to run it every single day


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