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Mu Legend War Mage skill set and use

Mu2zen Date: Aug/31/17 20:47:33 Views: 2527

It is War Mage of both hands which is active in Lorentahia.The attack strength is about 134,000, and the actual attack power is 2700.It is not a fighting power that pops up into a pit or other garbage.I do not know how to write this, but I do not have the kindness to stick it out.Everyone feels frustrated, so I think I will write down my personal skills and exploits.

Mu Legend War Mage skill set and use

First, I would like to show that you are a user of both hands.
Professional skills are blowing, destruction, destruction. The destruction and destruction in these three are almost common,Has confirmed. I do not know how to use others.Those who do not use a blow can also get confused.Skill is q-indiscriminate. w-ice barrier, e-flame curtain, r-meteorite descent, t-propulsion explosion, Mouse left click - Blast, mouse rightclick - Flame grasp I write.

When the mobs are driven from the party, etc., the w ice barrier, e flame curtain, mouse left click, right click Simultaneous attack finish Meteor drop This is a combo, and then use the skills to use the indiscriminate in the place where the body is burnt out,Basis for skill utilization - Ice barrier is freezing for 2 seconds. But if you use this skill, it does not feel like freezing.Burning the flames and burning the flames of the flame quickly, and dropping the meteorite Spherical mob without knockback Then, the total sum using the explosion of propulsion explosion over the indiscriminate explosion,You know whoever has been a conqueror or dragon hideout, but you do not want to stick with a propulsion explosion. But even if you shield yourself
It is a wome. While I am using skill to indiscriminate frenzy, I receive the invincible judgment and avoid the skill of the mobs and move the dildo.You can use it as a mover or as an instant dealing.
If you press the left and right mouse at the same time,You can wait for the main skill skill time.

Finally, let's say ...
Do not take the shield of evil spirits. Let's shoot the body of water.
Do not shoot oblique light, evil spirits, etc. Put a dill with a pile and be in a state of emergency
I'm in the deal, but I can not manage the mana before and after.

I do not do anything like this .. Myths I do not have any better than Blena Whisper of the same class, even if I show my life with both hands on top. Were a regret .. ㅜ
I wrote about my personal skill and utilization without being overwhelmed considerably.
I do not want to be in the room for 30 hours from Saturday morning.
I do not want anyone to be sympathetic and insane, but I hope I can help anyone who is still wondering.

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Yours mu2zen team have a nice day or night!

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