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Ohrdor is definitely the center of your largest MU Legend continent trading post

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Ohrdor is positioned inside the center with the MU continent, and its leader, Dumpain, produced it in to the continent's largest trading post.
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Ohrdor is definitely the center of your largest MU Legend continent trading post

Ohrdor is a trading post with a significant port region. It is divided in to the Port District, the Central District and the Industrial District.
From Ohrdor, you are able to enter the Area of Duty (access a variety of mission maps) along with the Hall of Light (learn and cancel specialist skills).
Ohrdor can be a significant city, and you can use Travel Gateways to obtain towards the different locations immediately.

Ohrdor - Map

Ohrdor is located in the center on the MU continent, and its leader, Dumpain, made it into the continent's most significant trading post.
At present, there are all kinds of goods becoming made for export all over the world.

Ohrdor is actually a trading post having a significant port location. It really is divided in to the Port District, the Central District and the Industrial District.
From Ohrdor, you are able to enter the Space of Duty (access many mission maps) and the Hall of Light (discover and cancel expert skills).

Ohrdor - Map Icons

Travel Guide An airship that lets you travel amongst continents.
Travel Gateway A portal that enables you to travel around the Litenberg continent.
Weapon Merchant Buy basic weapons and repair/dismantle items.
Armor Merchant Obtain basic armor and repair/dismantle things.
Potion Merchant Acquire potions to heal wounds.
Gemcutter Add gem slots for your equipment and obtain products.
Craftsman Craft equipment and consumables.
Appearance Changer Change/reset the look of items.
Enchantment Merchant Enchant items, reset solutions or grow wings.
Event Helper Receive occasion rewards.
Mailbox Send and get mail.
Storage Manager Shop items.
Magic Gem Merchant Buy things with Magic Gems.
Guild Storage Manager A shared Guild Storage exactly where you are able to shop things.

Mu legend OBT is already offered for download and forums is re-opened

MU Legend has re-opened the long-awaited forums,With all the open beta set to start early subsequent week, the newest version from the MU Legend client is already available for download on the site. Players that took aspect inside the pressure test will have a patch obtainable when the servers open on November 7th, 2017 (UTC).

mu legend FAQ and prepare for start off enjoy obt

It's the final countdown! Today, Tuesday November 7th, marks the beginning of a brand-new chapter inside the MU franchise, together with the launch of MU Legend's open beta for our international audience! Now let's cover a number of often asked concerns we've gathered from mu2zen


Bokekik MU Legend users who are uncomfortable to the belly button

The main branch of the météationque general quest (where the mob level is high, or the lot is regent) is always noble. At level 60, Kerik has a soul rep level of about 50, and he has a high level of soul rep,It is really powerful. Some users start to speak through the shout channel


What Happened in Mu legend 2017 and What’s Will come about in 2018

End of year celebrations is often suitable to look back in the elapsed year but in addition to diving in the future. The stroke of midnight will ring inside a handful of hours, and we think it’s the ideal time to reflect on MU Legend.


WEBZEN Provide Mysterious Spooky Halloween Get up to 30% bonus Wcoin

Because of this, through WEBZEN's Halloween event, every thing is going upside down!Get up to 30% bonus Wcoin!WCOIN has been hit using a "treat or treat" spell!When deciding upon any Wcoin stack, you will get a bonus of up to 30% from October 24th to November 7th!


Know all the features and history of MU Legend

In this new Mu legend installment of the franchise, players will travel to the past to discover what happened before Kundun will dominate the MU continent. They have published the first of a series of introductory videos that we leave below.

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