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Share My MU Legend dungeon skill set

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1. Overview
Blender Mangref After skill set For those who worry I want to share my favorite skill sets and give feedback to others Try a small tip. * I have yet to get to the Xinhua Dungeon Blade, but only 88,000 battle power

Share My MU Legend dungeon skill set

2. Skillset and Description
Originally, I made repre- sentation with an emphasis on wide-area immediate drama, but when I was doing the repre- sentation, the basic attack "crushing" was so good
I remember the Ilchuan capital in Dia 3 and tried to set it up similarly.
Roar of Threat - Reduces the damage of large numbers of mobs and uses it repeatedly for every cool in the damage cycle.
It is a jumping leap-shifter, so we must put it.
Intensive Strike - This is a skill that increases the damage of basic strike "crush" enormously. I will use it immediately after the devastation.
Decision resolution (choice) - I think that this skill has nothing to do with anything. Originally, I was using a steel armor for a party, and I was getting used to it, but I think I could add another attacking skill.
Anger regurgitation - The determination of defiance and synergy is fine, and most of all, I have a good stamina and synergy with the soul stat. Wide range of dildos come out well.
Crushing - In fact, all of these skill sets have been focused on this one. Major damage + Bleeding damage and concentrated strikes, and using basic skills to increase the attack rate is a tremendous damage.
Whirlwind - Used for mobile equipment and crushing cancellation. Repeat the usual grinding-whirlwind to add a wide range of dill.
The basic use is to drive a mob and use a concentrated battle, defiance resolution, anger reflux, and crushing and whirlpooling, and the dill will go up tremendously.
If you try it once, you can experience the tanking and the wide range of dildo.

3. Expertise and Soul Stat
I've used it several times, but I'm using it like this.
Because of the nature of this game, Tang can not take all the aggro, so he uses the passive effect of melee
It is also good to have a demon in the city. Convulsions are used for anger backlash and base attacks when there are enemies.
Depending on personal preference, we think that we can use other thing for blowout and duel.
And it is the soul stats that made all these skills possible.
Click on the picture to view it in its original size.
If the existing blades put a wide-range deal in a random manner, the body can not survive and die.
It covers everything. Vomiting + Anger If you regurgitate, there are many things that are full of fitness.
I've invested 60 stats for stability, but I think it's okay to invest only 30 stats.

4. Finally
I'm starting now and there is not enough information. I still have only 88,000 fighting power ...
Many people also comment on the feedback and share information, so I will continue to modify it.
ps. I have a low attack power, but I do not like it.

- Your mu2zen team

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