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Starter Guide For Selection of Mu legend artifacts

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1. What is artifact?
You can think of relics as something that adds a certain ability. In addition, there are phases (level) in the range of 1 ~ 100 levels, and if you take the labyrinth boss, you gain experience. Strengthens and increases your attack power additionally.
Artifacts are divided into three categories
There are three kinds like the wisdom.
Circular - current artifacts
Pentagonal - missing
Shield Type -There are 10 different types of circular artifacts. There are 10 kinds of artifacts that I would like to upload, but it will be a lot of work.

Starter Guide For Selection of Mu legend artifacts

2. How to make relics
Artifacts can be created by pressing the X key
There are two ways to get the essence of an artifact.
1. Get the cube by grabbing the labyrinth boss → Get it from the cube 2. Catch the labyrinth boss and get "Cube" and "Broken Artifact Fragment" (Obtain artifact fragments from the Cube)
Produced 1 artifact "xxxx" with 20 artifact fragments from production merchants

3. Types of artifacts
As mentioned above, there are 10 kinds of artifacts. Red letters are the most used artifacts.
Sprout patience sunrise frozen heart rainbow mask play stubbornness frenzy frenzy allegro hysteria
For more information, please check the Inventory Artifact tab, but please refer to this article for the artifacts I posted below because the artifacts on the Inventions are different from the present ones.
Click on the picture to view it in its original size.

Artifacts are "basic effect" and "20 stage effect" exists.

The default effect is always applied, and the 20th effect is an effect that can be triggered when certain conditions are met

4. Ability of artifacts (in 100 steps)

Sprout - 25% chance of attack increases attack damage by 5% for 2 seconds. Tutorial Quest is not a good relic to use as an artifact.
Patience - Increases 4% defense by 3% for 3 seconds (up to 10 stacks). 20 Stage Effect - When the artifact reaches the maximum stack (10 stacks), the life recovery is increased by 50% per second for 5 seconds. It is an artifact specializing in defense as much as a dark road in all.
- 20% chance to create a touch of Lugard around you (20% chance of attacking) - 20 chance of creating a blind eye with 5% - I have not seen a lot of people who use this artifact, but in my personal opinion, bladder or proximity dark is a statistic, but it is not expected to be as efficient as other artifacts.

Frozen Heart - Increases the chance of a critical strike by 25% but loses all of your life regeneration per second. Phase 20 - When you kill an enemy with a critical strike, a frosty explosion occurs (I have not used it before - I do not know yet) If you do not know anything at first, you may see a chance to see a critical strike, but it is an artifact that you do not use because you do not have any life recovery per second.
Rainbow - 20% chance to get one of the random buffs at the time of attack. 20 levels effect - Very low chance to get all buffs at once (10 seconds duration). - Various effects (attack, attack speed, , Reducing the damage received) is a buff artifact that has a fairly good effect. It is good for all occupations.
Mask Play - If your stamina is less than 30%, it stuns for 5 seconds and increases your chance to escape by 55%. (Cooldown 20 sec.) 20 Stage Effect - When the base effect is activated, the movement speed increases by 50% - I can use it as a survival type when I read the usage, but I have not seen anyone using it yet.
Attack - Increases your ATK by 110% for 3 seconds if you knock the enemy into a knockback or airbone. Level 20 Effect - When you are hit by Crowd Control technology, you gain 20% damage taken for 10 seconds and movement speed increases by 10%. - I have never seen this artifact ... but if you use it, it will be used by Darkrod or Blader with Airborne
Frenzy - Increases attack power by 3% for 2 seconds during attack (up to 10 stacks). 20 Stage effect - 30% increase in all speeds (movement speed, attack speed) for 10 seconds when the base effect reaches maximum stacking. It is used as a specialized artifact, and many people prefer it because of its increased attack speed and movement speed.
Allegro - If successful, reduces the nearby enemy's ATK and DEF by 55% for 3 seconds. 20-Step Effect - Successfully avoiding 2 successes will cause powerful damage to a small area and stun enemies (10 seconds cooldown). It is an artifact that most of the Dark Roads currently use is a good artifact to use in close proximity, but it is an artifact that you can not afford unless you have a high chance of avoiding it.
Hysteria - Increases Critical Damage by 210% and reduces base damage by 30%. 20steps - Provides 2000% additional damage with a very low chance to hit a critical strike. - Good effect similar to a frozen heart. + Artifact with penalty It is an artifact that is specialized in attacking rather than frenzy, and the higher the chance of a critical strike, the better the efficiency. Most dealers are using this artifact,

5. Selection criteria of artifacts
I do not want to get caught up in stereotypes, but there are a number of artifacts that tell you that in fact there are a few things to write about in the 10, and I think you can not do this even though I think about it. So, let's write some of the frequently used artifacts in terms of defense.
Attack - Hysteria, Frenzy, Rainbow Ball & Room - Rainbow Defense - Allegro, Patience
but!!! Hysteria is a pagoda in attack! But if the probability of a critical hit is low, it is difficult to activate the 20-step effect, which is why you use hysteria.
For similar reason, if you use allegro while it is dark road and the probability of avoiding is low, it is meaningless to use it because it is hard to activate base effect and 20 level effect.
It's a good idea to read the effects and make a choice like this

6. Artifact Growth
If you have chosen and made artifacts, you will have to step up now. If you do not do step-ups, you will not have good stats and your attack power will be low. You should.
In order to grow artifacts, fill the gauges (%) in the labyrinth and grab the boss and eat the beads, and the artifacts will step up.
If the artifact level and the labyrinth level are the same or the labyrinth level is higher, the experiential value is normally obtained. If the artifact level is higher, the experience value is lower. When the difference level is higher, the experiential value is lower.
But if you are the first person to create this artifact, you'll have a low level ... and the labyrinth will be ... you'll love it. Some people say that they will slowly raise artifacts one step at a time ... but it's very inefficient ... I would like to say that I am able to take the 100th bus of labyrinth with 150 million zen based on Lorenthea server. I think that a little quality is needed in this part.
If you are at level 69, the effect of the artifact is sufficient and you can grow artifacts when the spec is later raised.
I do not know if this is going to be quite bad, but ... I have almost described what I know and I have some information about the annuity pension ... I personally do not recommend it because the annuity annuity is too inefficient.

- your mu legend guides editor team -

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MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike.


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MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike.

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